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How to save up to $100,000 on product development?
A free webinar for those who want to launch their own start-up, but are not ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on product development
24 February, 6PM EST
Who is this webinar for?
For startup founders and entrepreneurs
You will learn how to quickly develop an MVP or a full-fledged product without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on development
For product managers and marketers
You will learn how to test product and marketing hypotheses in 3 days using a minimal budget
For directors and managers
You will learn how to automate processes within your company so that you can hire fewer people and reduce human errors
What are we going to discuss?
About us
Why: SELLS first → then do product development
Case studies
Paul Zhuravlev
COO at WeLoveNoCode (>$250k MRR)
CEO and co-founder at Cinemood ($10M revenue)
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