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How to Manage Your Boss with a Sembly Professional

Our work environment also depends on the individual. Millions of articles have been written about the relationship between managers and subordinates, but what has changed due to remote work, when only a monitor separates you from your colleagues? As it turns out, a lot!

We have put together a few rules to help you manage the strictest of bosses using Sembly Professional.

Talk to your boss about your work

Even the most meticulous boss cannot attend two meetings simultaneously. Therefore it's your job to highlight key points made in the meeting they couldn’t attend.

To gain your manager's confidence you should inform them about your achievements, current task status, and your past negotiation successes.

Are you tired of doing tedious summaries and trying to recall past meetings? Let Sembly Professional do this for you by creating a text transcript and smart summary of any Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams meeting.

Although the summary is a small part of the duties of your position, it can highlight your capabilities and insights. This ability not only provides opportunities to inform your boss on key meeting points but also identifies potential solutions to challenges.

Share useful information from the meeting with your colleagues. It’s an important skill and will elevate your capabilities.

Produce more every day! 

Our day-to-day work environment consists of back-to-back meetings and stress. Helping improve productivity is one key to reducing this stress. Sembly Professional helps improve your productivity by attending the meetings and summarizing key points.

Access to meeting transcriptions will allow you to better understand the company's work and fellow colleague's roles.

And most importantly, you can complete your work without time constraints using GlanceView smart summary; which will turn hourly meetings into minute summaries.

The already synthesized information will allow you to easily prepare for meetings with your manager and understand future tasks.

You will no longer be required to listen to entire meeting recordings, now you can use AI to receive that information. The time you save using meeting transcriptions will allow for additional work on other pressing tasks. 

Complete tasks before their deadline

When assigning yourself deadlines or tasks, strictly adhere to the deadlines. Needless to say, how convenient is it when any necessary task is additionally recorded, even if it was mentioned during the holiday call?

Thanks to Sembly, you will finish tasks ahead of time far before the deadline. Using the already recorded meeting summary and key points, you will have additional time for allotted work, be able to quickly consolidate agreements and increase productivity.

Summarization of the meeting’ key points is not only a convenient tool for delegating cases, but also important for information analysis. Using the data, share your observations of potential problems, which could be helpful for management.

Acknowledge your colleagues achievements

A work environment thrives when team members acknowledge each others achievements and provide solutions to potential problems. 

The sentiment analysis transcript of the meetings will inform you of the colleagues challenges and successes, which will allow you to address the situations before they evolve.

This also works the other way around - warn a colleague of potential risks based on previous meetings and transcriptions.

Use past team meetings to collect useful data about your company

Read or listen to transcripts of team calls — sometimes, a retrospective will help you better understand if the team is meeting the goals set by the boss.

If not, make improvements before the deadline, allowing the team to address the potential issue.
Moreover, you can strengthen your meeting points and arguments using excerpts from past communications, details that were looked over.

Tackle the most tedious tasks

Everyone faces tedious task in their every day work lives. These include tasks like long Zoom calls with another company's sales department or seminars. However, using Sembly the team member will be able to more easily tackle these tasks with perseverance and gratitude.

Even ineffective meetings can be useful - now, using AI, you can collect data from all meetings, even those that do not have major results, and use it to plan future decisions and meetings.

Data and imaginations is Key

Imagine yourself as the boss of a company. Your main role within the position is to understand the general problems of the business, global goals, and the direction of the company's development.

Therefore, you heavily rely on additional data and meeting notes to assess these major goals.  Be one step ahead and move into the future. Prepare for your career by taking these initial steps with Sembly.

Remember, data is an invaluable source of information, and using AI you can ensure that no information is lost or forgotten.

Your boss is human too

Any boss can be tough, and no amount of meeting preparations and notes can change that. However, become an indispensable member of the company. Take that first step with Sembly Professional, and change the position you play forever.