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How No-code can Help Development Agencies Save Money and Time

No Code Guides For Agencies
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Using no-code can become a great way of optimizing costs and increasing profit margins for software development agencies. After working with dozens of web development agencies, mobile outsourcing companies, and software studios, our team at WeLoveNoCode defines the top 5 reasons no-code is a winning option for the agency business. Let's talk about each of them.

No-code cuts costs for development agencies

According to a study, no-code can cut the cost of software development for agencies by as much as 80%. The significant difference between no code and the traditional approach is that the traditional approach requires expensive developers, skilled in a specific programming language.

When it comes to development, the no-code process is a much simpler and quicker process than traditional development. While the traditional approach uses coding tools, no-code development follows a visual method of development. Instead, it allows the agency to build the application using graphics visual editor that is very easy and fast.

The speed of the development process with no code tools is very appealing. You can build a prototype or proof-of-concept in a matter of hours, depending on your clients' needs. Speed also means fewer working hours amount your agency team and also happier clients.

No-code decrease time to market and increase customers satisfaction

The average development period for an application is about four months with traditional coding. However, using a no-code approach reduces that time by more than half.  With no-code technology, agencies can build an MVP for clients in a week or two. If you don't have needed skill-set for this, the WeLoveNoCode team is open to help 

Clients can instantly see the results of your agency work. This is especially important when agencies are building a prototype or proof of concept for their clients. Your clients can quickly see if their idea will work or whether they need to change it in any way. Clients can also see the results in business benefits, such as increased sales or revenue. This means that your clients can rapidly test ideas and iterate to meet customers satisfaction within a shorter time frame.

No-code is easier to maintain

Maintaining software built with no code is easy because you don't have to spend a lot of time fixing bugs in code. Also, the platform runs the technical side of things, so when you make changes in the visual editor, it reflects automatically in the viewer.

No code tools save developers time to focus on more technical tasks

No code is a great way to accelerate a project from scratch, whether you are building a new product or adding a feature to an existing one for your client. The most significant benefit of using no-code tools is that they allow the developer to focus on the product's actual business logic and needs rather than spending time implementing a solution. 

With this approach, you add an extra value to your service by being a thinking agency rather than only a doing agency. 

No code developers are easier to hire

No code allows non-technical people to become citizen developers without learning how to code. Instead, it enables people to use these platforms to leverage coding by clicking, dragging, scrolling, and dropping parts with a visual interface editor. 

With the increase in demand for technology-based solutions and a short supply of code developers, agencies can bring this gap by hiring no-code developers. 

In conclusion, no code is the trend in development today. With no code, the gap between professional programmers and non-programmers has been bridged. The production rate has been maximized by reducing the time for implementation. Today development agencies can leverage the power of no-code technology to help clients launch faster while cutting costs and increasing their bottom line.

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