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5 Industries that that benefit from No-Code Platforms

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No-code is definitely revolutionizing the way we build software. At its core, it is leveling the field and limiting the barrier to entry of digitization. Programmers and non-programmers are now able to create enterprise-grade software with a graphical user interface without the use of traditional programming. In this article, we about five industries benefiting the most from no-code platforms and tips on how companies in these sectors can continue to implement no-code tools successfully.

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No-code Plaforms in Retail

Online shopping has been a convenience for shoppers for years, however, during the pandemic, it became a necessity. Retail companies had been struggling for years with their online counterparts but during the pandemic, the retail giants who relied heavily on brick-and-mortar appeal were the first casualties.

With no-code tools, it’s easier and quicker to transition from customer-friendly stores to customer-friendly front-end. Retailers can now develop brand-tailored online storefronts that are easy to design and as they are to use.

For example, J. S. Jewelry store needed to establish its online presence, kickstart its e-commerce and innovate its CRM, tracking, and analytics system. They quickly leverage the power of no code, using Appsheet to collate data and digitize the business.

No-code Platforms in Banking and Payments

Today mobile banking has significantly changed how people track, interact and manage their finances. In this digital age where remote functionality is practical and urgent, no code tools provide financial companies with resources to build, maintain and update platforms that met customers’ needs, protect private data and offer cross-platform integration.

An example of a startup leveraging no code in the finance sector is Dividend Finance which provides renewable energy and finance solutions to help property owners develop efficient homes. They used Bubble to build their application process and have so far processed over $1 Billion in loans. And if you are curious to learn more of what's possible to build with Bubble. take a look at 8 types of apps you can build with Bubble.

No-code Platforms in Insurance

No code tools provide slow-moving enterprises the ability to operate with startup agility. In today’s world where customers require a seamless and fast user experience in everything from gaming, to social media and money management. With no-code tools, insurance companies can meet up these expectations without the need to spend on expensive programmers or IT agencies.

No-code Platforms in Healthcare

In recent years, there has been an acceleration and rapid growth in developing innovative technologies like remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. No code is playing a role in providing solutions through the entire process of healthcare.

Scheduling platforms that are used to organize appointments and help healthcare providers track them can be set up without writing any code. Healthcare providers and patients can arrange visits and track cases with the use of no-code platforms saving cost and time for the two parties. Also, the ability of no-code tools to turn back-end data functionalities too simple and accessible tools can make it easier for healthcare companies to log patient data securely and fast which can be used to track illnesses and offer treatment quickly.

No-code Platforms in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Execution Systems have been relied on for so long for coordinating, executing, and tracking processes in factories. However, as useful as it is for IT components of the manufacturing process, it can be quite complex for workers to use.

On the other hand, no-code platforms are easier to implement, update and customize as operational needs change. No code tools are particularly useful as manufacturers are tasked with increasing the speed of producing and customizing new products.

No code is making it easier to innovate across board and while the industries listed above are fast beneficiaries of no-code development, this is only a mark of what is to come. The development of no-code platforms will continue to grow and so will the reach of these tools.