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Top 22 Sites to Hire Great Developers For a Startup in 2022

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Startups need to move fast, releasing products in weeks, not months. So a high-skilled tech team is a startup's key strategic advantage. Unfortunately, great developers are very hard to find, especially those with a solid technical expertise, understanding of UX and focus on business needs. To make this process less painful, long and expensive, it is important that you use the right platforms to hire engineers.

What hiring platforms are available? How much does it cost in terms of the developers’ salary and the hiring platform fee? What you should look out for when hiring a developer for a specific tool like Bubble?

Make a well-informed decision while hiring developers, both remotely or in office, as a part of your team or on a freelance basis. All that can be done with 22 websites listed below. Whether you need to design web applications, develop mobile apps, or do front-end development, there is a pool of talent around the world that you can hire for your startup! And it won’t cost you crazy money if you hire remotely, considering talents from Eastern Europe, Africa or Latin America.


WeLoveNoCode is your ideal platform if you're looking to develop your software quickly and affordably with no-code. With 3000+ no-code developers, working with more than 241 tools and building technology for more than 2000 startups and big enterprises around the globe, you can be sure of working with experienced developers. WeLoveNoCode offers a subscription based model so you are matched with the best developer for your project. These developers are vetted to ensure you get access to only the top-tier no-code developers in the industry. If you're looking to begin, you can jump on a consultation call with an expert, for free.


Gigster is the best platform to hire developers for startups. Why? Because the engineers on Gigster already have experience working in tech companies, so they’re all used to the fast-paced environment of a startup. Some of the freelance developers on the website are startup founders themselves, while others have degrees from well-known academic institutions such as Stanford and MIT. A lot of them have won Apple Design Awards in creativity and innovation. So the caliber of developers there is pretty solid.

As promised on their website, the Gigster Talent Network fills developers profiles for your company in under 10 days on average.


Upwork is a big freelance marketplace with over 12 million users. The world’s work marketplace connects clients with remote freelancers, from ML engineers to no-code developers with the help of cataloging algorithms. As a startup founder, you will enjoy Upwork's ease of use and quality of the platform itself. So, finding and interviewing multiple developers will be very simple with Upwork’s interface. It is focused specifically on freelance developers.

Top brands such as GoDaddy, Microsoft, and Airbnb hire professionals from Upwork, as well as many other smaller teams. The platform highlights the developer’s hourly rate and job success rate for you to hire the best developers for a startup for suitable price.


Headquartered in Tel Aviv, this best platform to hire freelance developers gets its name from its core idea—every gig starts at $5. Over the past decade, Fiverr has grown considerably and attracts organizations of all sizes and shapes to hire remote developers across the world.

The platform highlights the reviews and ratings of each developer next to them along with other information and their rates allowing you to make a well-informed decision. The 24x7 support is the cherry on the top.


Same as all other freelance sites above, Toptal is a huge marketplace for hiring remote freelance developers. From some biggest conglomerates to startups, businesses across the spectrum choose to hire on Toptal.. The team at Toptal understands your project requirements and offers a list to hire developers for startups or mega enterprises. 


Guru's mission is to connect freelance employers and developers locally and globally. If you are thinking of a remote developer in a specific geography, you have the option to post a region-specific job. You can shortlist developers on this site by checking their expertise and level of experience. Each developer has all information making it easy for you to make a choice.

Guru's dashboard allows you to hustle free communication and 24x7 support and multiple employment options. It makes the whole process of hiring a freelancer to complete a project seamlessly. 177,754 freelance developers available for startup. Also, Guru has the lowest fees in the industry, providing you with maximum value at minimum cost.


PeoplePerHour has an advanced artificial intelligence system that does the searching for you. All you have to do is fill an application/form detailing your project requirements to ensure you get the best selection of remote developers for startups. The candidates respond to your posting with their job proposals that you can review. As soon as you choose the one, you pay a small deposit and can get started. 


Among multiple social media channels, LinkedIn is the go-to network for employers to connect with professionals from all over the world. LinkedIn has marked itself as a hub filled with talent. Just like all freelance platforms, use LinkedIn to post your project ad indicating whom you’re looking  for and do a cold outreach among the most interesting candidates.. You will surely attract an expert that meets your criteria.


Topcoder is a global, crowdsourcing best platform to hire remote developers. At its inception, the platform was a community for programmers with its focus on experimenting with tech products. However, over the years, Topcoder has transformed into a global technology community with talent that is building a top-class technology solution for brands such as IBM, and Microsoft. 

Sharing your project requirement on Topcoder gives it global visibility and allows developers from across borders to propose a creative solution and how to best execute it. 


This is going to be the first search result if you type "hire a freelancer" on Google. A worldwide best platform to hire developers online (and not just developers), is a marketplace where you can hire a remote worker of any skill, regardless of the budget at your disposal.


Hired offers similar services as most rest freelance platforms except it offers a few more layers of tests to ensure you hire remote developers that are experts. The process of finding a developer on Hired is simple. You start by posting your project details, and other specifications such as experience level, geographical restriction language, etc.

The platform then uses its algorithm to choose the best remote developers for you. The only limitation here is that this whole process takes up to almost a month. If you have the time to wait, then Hired is a good choice to find and hire remote developers and simplify the interview phase.


Founded in 2013, Codementor is a reliable marketplace to hire developers for startups. It’s one of the platforms that offer immediate one-on-one help from expert developers. All you have to do is post the details of your project, budget, and timeline.

Based on your project requirements, Codementor recommends its top freelance developers with whom you can share your project timeline and see if they’re a good fit. Once you find the right choice, you can hire them and get started on your work. Codementor also offers an escrow system that makes payments fast and secure.


X-Team is also a great website to search for talented remote developers for hire. The platform screens its applicants to make sure that they’re qualified to handle your project. X-Team also supports its developers where they fund their growth and learning and offer them a remote work environment that encourages them to do their best work. They boast their clientele with some of the mega brands such as Coinbase, Kaplan Inc., Beachbody, Google, Twitter, and more. So early-stage startups can trust X-team as well.’s main objective is to ensure that you hire the best developer for a startup. Every single candidate on this platform is carefully screened, verified, and ready to work. To find your perfect match, start by registering your account as an employer, explain your project requirements, set the timeline from 1 month to 1 year and narrow down on a rate. The team at will start sending you candidates' profiles based on this information.


Dice is a tech and IT career board. The platform catches in professionals from all walks of tech such as developers, programmers, software engineers, and more. 92% of individuals on Dice are actively looking for exciting new projects to work on. So, you can make sure that your job posting will definitely receive massive relevant responses. Posting a project on the website will cost you a few hundred dollars but the returns will be well worth the investment.


The remote developers on Codeable are verified to ensure you get top-quality work. To hire a developer for a startup, you have to tell the website team about your project details and who would be an ideal candidate.

The team will get back to you with a list of the right profiles that would suit your project. The small number of profiles allows you to search for each candidate and hire someone in 24 hours. You work with your online developer on the platform’s workspace and their escrow system ensures safe and fast payments. is another best platform to hire a developer for a startup. seems to love assessing freelancers so much that they have to survive the hell of vetting procedures to get hired. Survival of the fittest at its best. 98% of clients hire the first candidate the service suggests to them. Once you hire a developer for a startup from, you sign an NDA with them.


DevTeam.Space is a marketplace that puts together the best developers to hire for startups. Both stand-alone experts and development teams are brought in on an invite basis. This means that DevTeam.Space vetted and chooses the best developers with whom they want to associate their brand.

Contact DevTeam.Space and they will match the developers that you need to work on your next technology venture.


ZipRecruiter is another employment platform that is a favorite among clients who need a professional developer to get their job done. It is a job board that enhances a clients’ ability to reach a wide audience when posting a job ad.

For example, if you place an ad looking for a developer, ZipRecruiter links out to multiple platforms like it and advertises your post there. The visibility that this job board affords enhances the likelihood of you getting in touch with a developer that can get the job done.

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee is a marketplace that connects clients from all over the world to freelancers from India. Although the platform is small among others of the same, there are benefits to using Virtual Employee. For starters, the average payment charged by freelancers tends to be less than among other major platforms. Sometimes, you have a budget limitation that prevents you from hiring a top developer from a major online portal. Therefore, you can choose to use Virtual Employee to hire a developer from India whose rates are best within your financial limits. 


Both freelancers and clients alike consider Indeed platform to be one of the reliable job portals for hiring developers. Millions of job postings are published via the platform. Job seekers sift through these posts to conclude which ones have the best match skills you're looking for. You can place an ad for a developer for a startup via Indeed and one will contact you.

Working Nomads

Since the platform was founded in 2014, Working Nomads has been known as the best platform to hire developers on the internet. Thanks to its status, the best of the best in technology development roam the portal. Posting a job advertisement on Working Nomads is a safe way to source a developer to get your startup underway. 

Now a bonus platform.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the mega community of technology developers on the internet. Through discussions and forums, members interact with each other, resolving and answering questions on topics related to programming, web design, and tech creation. There, the individual in the tech industry engages and contributes to discourse with one another. Doing so allows them to learn from each other and hone their craft. Scout the forums for knowledgeable community members and reach them on board with your project. 

So, what is the best site to hire developers?

In the end, finding the perfect remote developer to hire for a startup will depend on multiple factors such as:

  1. How quickly do you need to hire for your development team?
  2. How much does a time zone difference matter for you?
  3. How will developers impact the work of your team members?
  4. How important is quality to you?
  5. How much time are you willing to invest?