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8 Types of Apps You Can Build With

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With the growth of the no-code space in the last number of years, many entrepreneurs and business owners have been asking, what kind of apps can you build with Bubble?

If you've also wondered if Bubble will be a good fit for your product or startup idea, it probably is. Bubble io is a sophisticated and powerful no-code solution that allows most founders to build and create whatever they want. It has its limitations; however, there are many more pros to it than there are cons. 

In one of the articles, the Bubble team has listed how to build many major existing application types with their platform. Their content gives you an idea of various types of apps built with Bubble. Without writing any code, you can create applications like Unsplash, Glassdoor, Ticketmaster, Shopify, Dropbox, etc. Let's dive deeper and look at the kinds of apps you can build using Bubble io, covering more use-cases on:

  • Marketplace
  • Social network
  • Internal management tool
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Job board
  • Invoicing and scheduling tool
  • Community and review site
  • Food delivery service

And more! This is definitely not a full list of apps you can build with Bubble io. Now, let's look at each of these in-depth. You can hire a freelance Bubble developer to make them, partner with WeLoveNoCode, or do it yourself, whatever suits your business priorities.

Marketplace Built with Bubble

You can create a marketplace to sell or buy products. They range from simple marketplaces to complex ones. With Bubble no-code tool, you can also build massive multi-user marketplaces with many different aspects of your product that people want. Think Uber, an app you can build with Bubble, where you have both drivers and riders on the same site, then you could do all sorts of things here.

There are already examples of these startups being created using no-code by many founders and Bubble developers. The Bubble platform provides robust features, useful specifically for this use case. One of such is the ability to display dynamic information to different user types based on conditionals. A page can be configured to display information that a user has provided. Bubble also allows integration with most payment services through an API connection. Let’s look at more examples of the apps built with Bubble.

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Bubble for Social Networking Apps

Suppose you're looking to build a social networking site/app that focuses on sharing pictures, videos, and other media types with friends or family. In that case, Bubble io may be the right choice. The platform allows users to upload files in several formats like images, documents, PDFs, etc. You can also create albums to better organize your media content while providing easy access to it from anywhere. Bubble io is a very powerful no-code tool for making social apps. It can cover a huge variety of things.

You can include any number of features in your social media platform like:

  • Status updates: Basic information about yourself and what you've got going on for yourself. People only need to add their name, location, picture, or a video URL to share something with others on the network.

  • Communication: Chat rooms to communicate with each other privately or publicly using text messaging services such as Twilio SMS. There is also a group chat for multiple people in one room. Anyone logged in can post anything to be seen by everyone.

  • Reviews: Users can give you a star rating on the products they buy or sell, for example, if they like them or not. You can also use this feature to show people what other products are similar and make suggestions for them.

  • Fan pages: You can create something similar to Facebook's fan pages with no need for code. Fans of your app will see all updates posted to your page, including pictures and videos.

Need help with building your app without coding? We launched 2000+ MVPs & apps for companies all around the world. We'll make your app live in a few weeks and under $4k with the power of no-code. Book a free consultation call to chat about your requirements!

  • Group membership: Allow employees or friends to create their group on the social network.

  • Payments: Any PayPal/Stripe transaction, including payments to other users. You could also use this feature for in-app purchases like skins or themes for apps. It is possible to allow customers to pay back each other when they receive an item they like, using Bubble io. You can also read about other lowcode-nocode platforms to receive payments

  • Feeds: Similar to Facebook's RSS feeds, the Bubble app will automatically send you updates in your news feed. You can set up different categories of updates. For example, you want users to know when their friends share a post about music or their career.

  • User accounts: Any account setup system on apps like Google, Microsoft, or Apple (email/password).

  • User approval: Users can approve other users they interact with by giving them access to their profile or giving them access to parts or all of it. For example, you could use this feature to allow people to comment on their friends' profiles or tag them in photos.

  • People: Similar to Facebook, the Bubble app will keep a list of a user's friends and show them when they post something on the network related to the user. You can also see what friends are doing at any time, including their location, if they have it enabled on their phones.

  • Messaging: This is pretty similar to Facebook's messaging system, where users can send messages back and forth to each other. You could also use this feature to allow users to communicate with their friends who don't have the app or want to stay in touch more often by receiving online or offline notifications.

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Internal Management Tool Built with Bubble

Another type of app you can build with Bubble is an internal management tool. Although there are many internal management tools out there, they may not be well suited for your team's needs. You're not alone. Many people have turned to Bubble no-code development to build a custom tool to manage their teams and organizations effectively.

Bubble allows you to create an application that many people can use within one organization. Its drag and drop feature creates room to build an interface that provides users with an overview of the entire organization, making it easy to find and access information from anywhere in the world.

Bubble io no-code platform also allows you to quickly create apps to set up teams and assign them different permissions based on their role within your company. A team lead or admin user can place other users into groups using roles such as admin, project manager, or support person, depending on their requirements for managing internal processes. Internal management tools are definitely one of the numerous types of apps you can build with Bubble without spending so much.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Another app you can build with Bubble is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system like Oracle, Printavo, or SAP that is better suited to the needs of your organization or team. Whether you're building something for your team or a new SaaS product, Bubble io is the perfect fit for these needs. You can create your application from the ground up or integrate it with other ERP systems and tools.

This integration with Bubble allows users to enter their transactions in one place, using a single interface to operate across multiple applications. The user experience remains consistent wherever they are located, meaning they don't have to learn different interfaces for each application. The process also becomes much quicker when entering an invoice because they can enter all the details into the same system. You can even set up customized forms to be filled in when the user has completed a particular task.

Bubble io can also create integrations with other applications like Salesforce, Zoom, and Google Apps through its API functionality for users to access internal information in real-time. The integration with these systems enables you to view and modify data in conjunction with your tools, making it easy to create reports on your data without needing any programming experience. This feature in Bubble io no-code tool is excellent if you're a beginner in the business world or have been using Excel spreadsheets to create reports for years.

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In addition, integrating with other applications allows you to extend your Bubble app functionality and add new features that your users can use across multiple systems. For example, if you're currently using Microsoft Project to manage a project but want to retrieve data from Google Spreadsheets, Bubble io will allow this without affecting existing data. To build very complex ERPs, you rely on expert Bubble developers from WeLoveNoCode.

Job Board Made With Bubble io

With the job market constantly changing, employers and employees always need a way to connect and work together. You can create a custom job board on Bubble io no-code platform with many exciting features that job seekers and companies will find value in using. Users can post jobs, search for vacancies and apply for them via the job board.

You can allow users to input information that the Bubble app can display dynamically to other users, such as job details, company profiles, and documents like CVs and profile photos. You can create user types to compartmentalize what each type of user can do on the site. Thanks to Bubble's robust set of features, these features are possible without writing a single line of code.

Invoicing And Scheduling Tool

Bubble io offers features that let you build finance tools that allow people to plan and organize their finances. It enables one to create cloud-based finance tools for organizational needs such as invoicing, expense tracking, budgeting, billing, and payroll management.

You can create a time-based budget for personal use cases that allows users to input their expenses and then calculate the remaining amount. This way, people can work more efficiently with their money. They can now easily see whether they have enough money left in the bank for an upcoming purchase or if they need to plan on what might be taking up their funds later.

Custom Community and Review Site on Bubble

Communities have been part of the internet, even from its early days. Think of Facebook groups, Subreddits, and, more recently, Twitter communities. An online community creates room for building camaraderie around an area of interest within a group of people. Bubble no-code platform allows you to build forums and communities with several standard features like creating new posts, commenting, upvoting, writing reviews, and personal chats, among others.

Food Delivery Service

Food delivery services are currently on the rise. This phenomenon is especially true in places with no access to restaurants, groceries, or other food shops. This is definitely an app you can build with Bubble no-code tool. One can deploy their private meal-delivery service for people who need to order food from a restaurant but do not have easy access.

It is possible to set up a food delivery business that allows customers and vendors to connect through a simple signup process and lets your users make & receive payments as well as create custom reports with data. This can be done without coding, thanks to Bubble.

Need help with building your app without coding? We launched 2000+ MVPs & apps for companies all around the world. We'll make your app live in a few weeks and under $4k with the power of no-code. Book a free consultation call to chat about your requirements!

Can Bubble meet your needs?

This article is not an exhaustive list of apps you can build with Bubble, but we hope it has given you a glimpse into what is possible with no-code. If you would like to build any of these kinds of apps on Bubble in ten days or less as an MVP (or full-scale application), look no further. We've got vetted Bubble developers at WeLoveNoCode that are ready to bring your ideas to life. Please book an appointment with us today, and let's work together.