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Custom mobile application development | Why your business needs a custom app

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Smartphones are the most used electronic devices in the world today. In fact, people on average spend more than 76,500 hours of their lives looking at their smartphone screens. That's approximately 9 years spent on your phone!

As a business owner, these are numbers you simply cannot ignore. And yes, they include your employees, your customers, and even you! Investing in custom mobile application development offers more than just long-term profits. A custom mobile app brings a wide range of competitive advantages that include:

  • Higher engagement rates
  • More exposure
  • Streamlining internal processes
  • And increased productivity!

What is custom mobile app development?

Custom mobile app development is designing apps to fulfill a particular need for your business.
Custom apps eliminate the clunkiness and inefficiencies that come with off-the-shelf software solutions. They offer a variety of benefits and are tailor-made to support your business goals.

Gone are the days when apps were just market tools or gimmicks meant for the general public.
Today, mobile apps are powerful tools, critical for the success of any business. And while there are plenty of generic ready-to-use options out there, there really isn't any 'one-size-fits-all'.

In fact, you are more likely to lose money and end up with a bad app and even worse ROI.
If you're looking to give your business an edge, you should always invest in a custom app that works just the way you need it to!

UI/UX app design

Another important factor to consider when investing in custom mobile applications is UX and UI.
When developing your app, it's not just important to keep it as responsive and bug-free as possible. The app also needs to be beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use. The best part about custom app development is that you get to be in the driver's seat. This means that you control many of the design and functionality aspects of the app.

You should always opt for a solution that not only works for you but is also simple and uncomplicated.

Why do you need custom mobile app development?

Custom mobile app development can help you successfully fulfill your business goals.
Needless to say, generic, third-party apps do not even come close to offering you any of the following benefits. With global mobile commerce revenue expected to reach $3.56 trillion this year, a custom app is your gateway to untapped markets. It allows you to get several important benefits, like building band awesomeness, improving engagement and brand loyalty, and saving time & money.

Source: Statista, Alt-tag: Graph ranking mobile retail commerce share

Build brand awareness
More than 72% of all online sales this year are expected to be generated via mobile phones. Your custom app will put your brand where the customers are.

Improve engagement and brand loyalty
Unlike a third-party solution, your custom app will be designed specifically for your target audience. Users love a tailor-made experience. This will not only improve customer engagement and loyalty but also your ROI.

Save time and money
While it might seem counterintuitive, it is actually faster and cheaper to build custom applications.
You will save yourself a lot of headaches and maintenance fees in the long run. In fact, you don't even have to hire an expensive custom app development company! Opting for no-code technology can help you cut custom development costs. What's more, you can even build your app and validate your ideas within weeks!

Native app development

Native mobile apps are designed to work only on a particular platform. The main purpose of any app is to provide an effortless and fluid user experience.

Custom apps need to be fast. Developing for a single OS makes the job easier, and helps the app fit in seamlessly. Native development also has the benefit of utilizing native features (camera, microphone, GPS).
Advantages of native apps include:

  • Speed and stability
  • Longer lifetime
  • Increased flexibility
  • Fewer restrictions

When it comes to native mobile applications, there are two main platforms for you to choose from. Both have clear advantages, and your choice depends on your target audience.

Source: IDC, Alt-tag: Smartphone market share forecast graph

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With over 83% of the market share in terms of mobile phone sales, Android is by far the biggest platform out there. Android is the most popular OS in many developing countries. It is also a favorite in large markets like India and Germany.


Apple's iOS has a significant user base in developed countries like the US, UK, Singapore, and most of Europe. Despite the fact that iPhones don't sell as much as Androids, Apple's App Store brings in almost twice as much revenue as the Google Play Store.


Cross-platform mobile app development

If you want an app that works on both Android and iOS, you can build a hybrid or cross-platform app. Cross-platform mobile app development is cost-effective and suitable for smaller apps. If you need a large app that relies on native features, you will need two separate apps for each OS.

Advantages of cross-platform apps include:

  • Fewer resources involved
  • Faster development times
  • One app that is shared across platforms
  • Easier to maintain and update

However, cross-platform apps do have their disadvantages:

  • Slower, less responsive apps
  • Decrease in quality
  • The app might glitch on some phones

Which technology to choose?

Choosing the right technology for your app can determine how successful it is. There are a few things to keep in mind before making the choice:

  • Your target audience
  • Your budget
  • The requirements of your app
  • Performance, stability, and user-friendliness

Enterprise mobile app development

Your business doesn’t just need apps to roll out to your audience or customers.
Smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives. It doesn’t make sense to not use them to streamline workflow and business processes. And that’s where custom apps for enterprises come in.

Custom enterprise apps

Like any modern business, your organization needs to be highly competitive. Custom mobile applications can have a significant impact on the way you work. The transformational power of purpose-built software for enterprises cannot be understated. These apps improve productivity and employee satisfaction by automating and supplementing daily processes. Apart from making your business faster and more efficient, custom apps add value in key areas like:

  • Sales and marketing: Track metrics and market trends, while increasing visibility and output
  • Teams and collaboration: Secure, reliable communication systems are key for any modern business
  • Operations: Automated processes and reports help you stay updated and make critical decisions
  • Customer service: Deliver timely and personalized services that customers will love

Building custom apps faster, cheaper, smarter!

Custom apps make your business faster, smarter, and more efficient. There’s no reason for their development processes to fall behind. At WeLoveNoCode, we have done away with all the slow and inefficient processes of the past. Your business just can’t wait. Say goodbye to your traditional developer. We believe in no code technology to create the solutions you need in the most efficient manner!