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No-code Platforms For Collecting Payments: 6 Best Online Payment Systems For Founders

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If you need to collect payments from customers — you are in the right place. Here are 6 no-code payment platforms that will help you create a seamless experience by bringing all your payments together through one integration.

They are simple to set up and bring built-in payment UX (which is great by default). Those tools also provide you protection in terms of financial regulation (risk and frauds) and even make taxes and invoicing easier. Each no code payment system is focused on different business needs, so choose the one which meets yours.

‍1. Buy Me A Coffee: for an online content producer

The first on our list of online payment tools is Buy Me A Coffee. It is a platform that connects producers directly to fans. Buy Me A Coffee has all the e-commerce features you are looking for. They offer an instant payout, allow annual & monthly subscriptions and accept multiple forms of mobile payments as well as the purchase of "extras", provide analytics, and take out a flat 5% fee.

Buy Me A coffee is suited best to musicians, writers, or video creators who publish content on a routine basis. It helps to stay in touch with supporters who fund you, without the need to constantly look for additional revenue streams (like ads or investors).

2. Stripe: for technology-savvy founders

Stripe is a reliable option for many tech startups, online retailers, small businesses and agencies. Stripe offers an end-to-end payment experience. Probably, you know this payment tool or have heard about it before.

Stripe has an unfair advantage in online payment tools list because of its rich features,  reliability, and widely usage. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Slack, and Lyft all use Stripe to receive payments. This level of reliability means that Stripe is guaranteed to function with every currency you might need. If you already have a website, Stripe is for you. It is a no code payment gateway that you can track on your website without too much hassle. 

3. PayPal: for every one

PayPal is the best match for those who are considering an all-in-one online payment tool. PayPal has major benefits. It transacts payments around the globe. It makes it chiefly important for sites with a worldwide customer base. Cryptocurrency is derived on PayPal. Additionally, peer-to-peer transactions are the backbone of PayPal.

If you are a freelancer, PayPal offers a choice that you don't have to integrate into the website. Clients can send money directly to PayPal accounts from wherever you or they happen to be. Moreover, it is simple to use. They offer a debit card option. All you require is an email address and password. PayPal is a well-rounded no code payment solution.

4. TillyPay: for startups who don't have a website

TillyPay is a unique item on the list of online payment tools. It doesn't integrate anything with your webpage but generates a link to a payment page on TillyPay for you. For example, if someone owes payment for an hour of work, you will set the amount they owe in TillyPay. It will provide you with a link to the checkout page for that amount. You will forward that link to the customer, which they will use to quickly checkout.

TillyPay is a reliable option for ones who don't have a website and run a lean operation. Artists and freelancers and any other independent workers can use TillyPay as an alternative to invoicing. It is one of the flexible ways to make and take payments without code.

5. Chargebee: for B2B SaaS companies

The next category in online payment tools is the no-code tool, Chargebee. It is the most niche and corporate-oriented. Chargebee isn't a payment gateway, instead, it is a service that facilitates B2B businesses to manage subscriptions-based payment.

This makes it a reliable solution for B2B SaaS companies. You can create a subscription model without a challenge. It integrates with your payment gateways; Stripe and PayPal. And then added to your website. Everything is automated. It includes features that make taxes and invoicing simpler and even allows you to offer free trials of your product. It creates accessible ways to make and take payments without code. It is a reliable solution for non-technical entrepreneurs.

6. PayHere: for founders who need a secure checkout page builder

PayHere is the last item on our list. Like TillyPay, PayHere is a link-based payment tool. You draft a page for charging customers and PayHere manages it as well as facilitates you with tools to transact payments drafting recurring subscriptions and so on.

Unlike Tillypay, PayHere functions more like a website. You can direct all of your clients there rather than a one-time link for a specific customer. PayHere is a reliable option for those who want to add a checkout page. Dissimilar to Tillypay, your checkout page will appear the same to everybody who clicks on it. So, it's better suited in online payment tools to subscription models or for those who sell a specific product at a fixed price. 

The online payment system has increased sales by easy installation and maintenance. The standard time span for the cash remittance to your bank account takes 24 to 48 hours only. Online payment apps have prioritized user convenience by less hustle and fast way to deal with money transactions. 

These 6 online payment systems combine the power of no code and best practices of payment flow, to meet your business needs and the expectations of your customers.

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