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Best No-Code Podcasts

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A setup of a simple studio to used to record a podcast.
Despite no-code being exponentially easier than learning traditional coding, it is necessary that you learn and understand it fundamentally. While there are plenty of courses, videos, and books available, why choose to learn the traditional way while trying to learn something novel, right?

This is where podcasts step in as the most fun alternative. Podcasts are simple, authentic, topic-focused, on demand recorded sessions with a regular schedule. They communicate knowledge through easy engaging conversations.

To help you put your best foot forward into the no-code industry, Here is a list of the best podcasts on the no-code industry.

1. Visual Developers by Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker

The first on this list is the Visual Developers podcast hosted by three experts in no-code. Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker started this podcast to create a learning platform for newbies. They share their views on employing various facets of no-code and the new tools used in inbound marketing and monitoring KPIs.

Visual Developers podcast provides primary and essential information about no-code. It also offers an opportunity to learn from other experts invited as guests on the podcast. The Visual Developers podcast has over 50 episodes with an average of 45 minutes per episode. It also gets updated at least twice every month.

2. Makerpad Podcast by Ben Tussell

The Makerpad podcast is one of the best for no-code developers at every level. Hosted by Ben Russell, it brings various people interested and focused on building tools without code on the show. It presents different tutorials and problem-solving processes you may come across as a founder on your no-code journey.

Each episode goes on for about 30−60 minutes. There is a detailed conversation with no-code professionals on starting a business. Here listeners also learn how to develop outbound marketing strategies. It allows you to delve into the minds of founders and developers using the best no-code tools.

3. The No-Code Hustle by Bubble. io

The Bubble team hosts the No-Code Hustle podcast.  Bubble is a tool known for helping individuals create websites with no-code processes. They made a no-code platform that is very easy to operate and enables users to develop applications using a simple drag and drop interface.

The podcast offers conversations with users who have created applications using no-code tools. Currently, they have about 12 episodes with a typical average of 45 minutes. The podcasts go in-depth into the ideas and methods put into creating successful startups on no-code foundations. Every week, you get an episode from the Bubble team, so it’s one to check out to improve your no-code skills.

4. My No-Code Story Podcast

My No-Code Story podcast started recently but has become one of the most followed in the no-code community. These podcasts can be akin to young inspiring talent in podcasting. Here, the host, Ayush, talks with various guests, and they share their experiences. These guests share what made them adopt no-code tools in their startups to help them in sales funneling. They also get to talk about other processes and problems they faced on the way.

5. The Node Code Wealth Podcast

The Node Code Wealth podcast discusses the various processes and the method behind the creation of no-code tools. Every episode is always exciting and informative, thanks to its host, Abdulaziz Alhamdan. He focuses on welcoming the newbies of no-code into its system. The podcast also explains the steps and stages of how no-code expert founders grew to where they are today.

The No-Code Wealth podcast has about 128 episodes with an average playing time of 45 minutes.

6. Indie Hackers by Courtland Allen

Indie Hackers is one of the most exciting no-code podcasts on the list. In this podcast, successful founders share their stories of employing no-code tools in their businesses. The podcast focuses on companies involved in creating a direct relationship with customers.

Its host, Courtland Allen, discusses with other successful founders. Indie Hackers podcast has about 203 episodes that run for over an hour. It is great for entrepreneurs and developers alike interested in starting up no-code businesses. The conversations are rich and filled with quality insights and experiences and updated often.

7. Product Hunt Radio Podcast

Product Hunt Radio podcast airs weekly with individuals interested in business for the future. The hosts Abadesi Osunsade and Ryan Hoover meet with developers, startup founders, and makers often. During these meetings, they share their views on the latest tech developments including no-code tools.

8. The Startup Chat with Steli and Hiten

The Startup Chat produces insights with originality, which emerges from the depths of the startup and business world. The hosts talk about various facets of startups like cash flow and creating opportunities in the market. They also contemplate different no-code innovations and their impact on companies and founders.

9. Low-Code Ninjas by John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz

This podcast is focused on bringing a spotlight on popular mobile apps that have great functionalities which have been made using low-code tools. John Koetsier is a journalist, author, analyst, and executive who writes for Forbes and is the CEO of $SMRT. Peggy Anne Salz is an expert in the mobile marketing space and the Chief Analyst and Founder of MobileGroove. She has also written 9 books and frequently writes for Forbes.

10. We Can Do This by Sean Pritzkau

Rather than hosting interviews with founders and leaders, this podcast is focused on motivating you to start and complete your no-code journey and guiding you along the way! Connect with real-life experiences of people who have walked the talk and are already changing society using the power of no-code!

Every podcast offers its unique insight and disposition towards each topic of no-code area and all of them are highly practical. Do you like them? Any podcast we should add? Tell us on Twitter!