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How No-code Drives Deeper Business Profitability

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For a while now, people have been talking about how the NoCode revolution is going to change development forever. Well, it’s more dramatic than that, because NoCode has the ability to change an entire business.

NoCode allows businesses to enter the market faster, enabling them to raise money sooner, increasing profits and keeping them ahead of the competition.

If you are a founder, CEO or CTO, you cannot afford to ignore the influence of NoCode and its ability to drive your business forward.

Over the last few years the increase in popularity of platforms like, Airtable and Salesforce has been a game-changer for so many businesses, allowing them to grow at astonishing pace.

In case you are still wondering,  just look at how adding these five things as a NoCode strategy will change your business

Five Benefits of a No-Code Strategy

  1. Scale faster
  2. Get quicker investment 
  3. Increase profit margins
  4. Citizen developers - Greater influence in turning your ideas into reality
  5. Outflank your competition - Get to market faster

Scale Faster – Develop At Speed with NoCode

Few things matter more to a start-up than being able to scale at pace and this generally means developing products as quickly as possible, so that new business can be generated and revenues begin to grow. To do this, you need fast development.

To achieve this you need a lot of resources. Unfortunately, finding developers is one of the hardest and most expensive things to do in modern business.

But fear not, because if you are using NoCode platforms as part of the company's strategy, then you’ll find developers faster and cheaper.

For example, your product teams can do more than just putting together requirements, they could be building prototypes, speeding up the development to a minimum viable product (MVP).

Most importantly, this pushes you towards project completion and puts a business in front of customers quickly.

Get Investment Faster

By scaling at speed, you are able to interest investors earlier, which in itself will help you grow your business and realise the potential of the company you have built.

  • Show them a product : Investors engage with people and products. If you have the ability to create a product prototype and conduct initial beta testing at speed, then you’ll be able to put your business in front of investors faster than others.

  • Show them client traction : One thing that impresses investors more than people and products, is numbers! By getting your product in front of clients faster, you’ll be able to sign contracts and show investors early buyer traction. The only way to accelerate product development is by creating the MVP using Nocode tools.

  • Show a development pipeline : Producing new products at speed, you add massive credibility to any pipeline you put in front of investors. A strong development pipeline will encourage potential investors of your ability to deliver products that will quickly generate revenues.

Increased Profit – Development at Fraction Of The Price

Do you know what makes both founders and investors happy? Making money. And the best way to make money is to increase profit margins.

So how does NoCode ensure you can achieve this? The same way businesses have been doing so for years, by increasing revenues and lowering costs.

  • No code development results in quicker revenue : Clients buy products, so developing at speed means you can get more products in front of clients, more often. By using a NoCode approach, businesses are able to produce quick prototypes to match client custom needs, allowing you to generate additional revenues.

  • Outsourced approach : If you outsource development, then you’ll either be able to engage an agency for less time or buy a smaller team to deliver your requirements. Both of these routes will save your business vital runway cash.

  • Internal team : Taking the No code approach to your internal development teams, can result in much smaller team sizes. When you compare the cost of traditional developers and how hard they are to find, this will be a massive saving on both cash and time.

Citizen Developers – Take Back Control of Your Vision

One of the main frustrations for founders is that their vision never gets translated into the end product they expected. The idea gets handed over to a development team and control is lost.

The concept of the citizen developer was coined by Gartner to describe how non-technical people can build products. By allowing product owners and founders much closer access to the development process, there is far less chance of the requirements getting lost in translation.

No one has a better idea of what the end product should look like than the person that had the idea, traditionally the founder. Now imagine that they have a greater influence in delivering their exact end product and you can start to see how NoCode will change businesses forever.

You’ll be delivering the best product possible, the one you know your prospects are crying out for, at a fraction of the time normally taken.

Beat The Competition with no-code

Obviously, any business will face competition and how they stand up to it will often decide its long term fate. This is the final area where a NoCode strategy can change an entire business by giving them the edge.

  • Beat them to the market : The speed that NoCode provides means that you’ll have an advantage over your competitors. Deliver a prototype, beta or minimum viable product (MVP) to them before anyone else has the chance to react. It also allows you to respond to market conditions and trends better than other businesses. By their very nature, trends can disappear quickly, so when you spot them it is vital you are able to react and maximise this hot period.

  • Strike it right with investors : Ultimately gaining investment is part of your role as the leader of a new business, but you won’t be alone. You’ll be competing not just with businesses in your sector but from across the entire start-up field. This means your competition for investment is much larger and the advantages that NoCode gives you are even more important.

So go ahead and let NoCode change your business forever. If you are looking for people to support you on your journey or just seeking inspiration, go and look at these showcases or sign up for a project today.