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Let's find out how you can build your next-gen NFT application with no-code. Our expertise in NFT app development

NFT Development
with No-Code

NFT is one of the most popular industries today. Even though NFT has long been here, only during the last two years have these tokens gained immense popularity and opened up new business opportunities for many companies and artists. NFT or non-fungible token represents a digital asset (art, sports item, tweet, etc.) that exists only in one copy and can be sold and purchased.

Since NFTs became more than just beautiful pictures, they are now introduced in many spheres, like ticketing and social media. As a result, companies, startups, and just people want to enter this domain with their ideas. While some think NFT is all about coding, no-code development can bring even more convenience and benefits for companies who want to craft unique solutions.
If you want to craft a no-code NFT collection generator or NFT marketplace, book a free consultation with us. Let's discuss your idea, craft a roadmap, and calculate accurate costs and a timeline we can commit to!

Facts About NFT Industry

$41 billion

Based on NFT stats provided by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis Inc., the NFT marketplace reached almost $41 billion in 2021, closing in on conventional art sales. And the closing gap is explained by the growing popularity of tokens and auction houses after the COVID-19 breakdown and pandemic restrictions.

By 704%

The NFT popularity was hard to miss within 2021, with the trading volume increasing by 704% between Q2 and Q3 of the same year. According to NFT market stats, the value of all global NEFT transactions in the third quarter of 2021 reached $10.7 billion.


China is the key country most interested in NFTs. It is followed by Singapore, Venezuela, and Hong Kong in the volume of searching and buying NFTs. It is probably because people are interested in the concept of NFTs, taking into consideration the country's interest in cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Bitcoin.

Why Use No-Code for NFT?

No Need for Development Support

The whole idea behind no-code is that it doesn't require development knowledge. While it might be hard for you to build your own NFT marketplace on your own and need to hire a no-code development team, it will eliminate the need for post-dev support. This is because no-code products are much more stable and simple in further use. So if your customers will face problems after the product is launched, you will be able to solve them on your own and reduce the cost and time needed for your dev team to help.

Reduce Cost & Time

Since no-code is easier than regular coding, it will be much quicker for you to enter the market with any kind of NFT software. Just imagine that regular coding takes up to one year to produce a high-quality NFT marketplace, while no-code allows building this product within weeks to one month! The same applies to cost. The whole product can be crafted for under $10k, while development costs over $50k. Time and money are essential in the NFT industry, as you want to overcome competitors and promote your product later.

Feasibility & Capability

No-code development is about feasibility and capability. You can build an NFT marketplace from scratch or use pre-made templates. You can create a workflow by using existing code. Even though no-code platforms don't offer limitless creativity of your own contract, they are simple to use and provide the vast capability for your success.
If you want to craft a no-code NFT collection generator or NFT marketplace, book a free consultation with us. Let's discuss your idea, craft a roadmap, and calculate accurate costs and a timeline we can commit to!

Our No-Code NFT Development Services

We provide unique resources, meaning specialists that you always get have in-depth expertise in the needed industry.

No-code NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace represents an all-in-one place where users can create, present, sell and buy tokens. You can either build a specialized NFT marketplace for art, for example, or create it for all assets available today. The NFT marketplace is probably the best way to get high revenue from fees and make it possible for people worldwide to learn about your product.

No-code NFT Tokens

If you have an idea of engaging the NFT collection or you are an agency that wants to get a high profit from creating your own NFT brand, no-code is a quick and efficient solution. We can help you create and organize your NFT drop within weeks, allowing you to boost brand awareness and make a high profit.

No-code NFT Game

Allow your future users to earn NFts by playing their favorite game and selling them later externally. The NFT gaming industry is one of the largest today, where you can create a whole metaverse of NFTs and attract numerous people from the whole world with an engaging idea.

No-code NFT Smart Contract

No-code allows the creation of NFT smart contract development. Creating smart contracts isn't easy, and if done incorrectly, it may lead to costly issues. Since this process requires initial expertise to set the proper rails and guidelines, a no-code NFT smart contract is the way to go.

No-code NFT Collection Generator

Since modern development solutions don't allow creators to express themselves, your no-code NFT collector generator can become a great solution with an easy interface and vast functionality. The product will generate any NFT collection and deploy it to a blockchain. Such generators support images, gifs, and videos, which can then be deployed to Ethereum, Solana, and more.

No-code NFT Minter

No-code NFT minter represents a simple UI (user interface) that allows users to input information about their NFT or digital creation. They can list a title, description, as well as digital asset data to your NFT. No-code NFT mints collections that then be listed on marketplaces.

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Since building a no-code NFT marketplace requires many core features to make sure your product will gain popularity, here is the list of features we usually recommend to add to both custom and classic solution:

Landing page/homepage
This is a place to showcase your NFTs and allow buyers to see CTAs to boost interest, helping them to go through the user journey.

Marketplace/search page
A feature that allows customers to search for any NFT within your no-code marketplace.

Display page
A page that contains and shows the NFT and related information about the token.

Creation page
It is best to allow users to create and mint their own NFTs right in your marketplace with this feature.

Wallet connection
Give users a chance to log in to their preferred wallet (it is recommended to provide as many aggregators as possible).

Collection page
This page shows all the NFTs in one’s collection.

Our No-Code NFT Stack

  • This is one of the biggest no-code app development platforms, which has gained immense popularity among those who want to develop NFT solutions, like the no-code NFT marketplace. We use this app to build NFTs from a series of templates without writing a line of code.
  • As the name implies, this app is used by our team to help clients design, share and sell their artwork within one app. Since this app is affordable and highly convenient, it is a common choice of our specialists for this task.
  • Using AI-powered technology and machine learning (ML), this app not only helps in the creation process but is also highly valuable for storage and viewing NFTs across multiple platforms. Since it comes with a bulk creation tool, we can create hundreds of NFTs in minutes.
  • Building your NFT community is one of the key things to guarantee success with your no-code NFT marketplace. And this app is a must-have. This is because it helps us to manage customizable smart contracts, while also uploading images, meaning you can spin up your project in no time at all.
  • The final one is the biggest and most well-known no-code platform - Bubble. Even though Bubble has always been used for various no-code products, it is now one of the key drivers in the no-code space. We use this app to build clones of Opensea with more features and improved overall functionality.

What To Do After the App Launch

The NFT industry is still in its development stage, but there are many competitors. Therefore, regardless of the product you create, you will need to promote your no-code solution and attract people to what you have built. Below you will see ways you can overcome competitors as well as options for fundraising your idea.

How to Attract Users to Your App?

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Focus on App Store Optimization (ASO)

The first thing you have to consider when launching your app is app store optimization. The goal of this marketing strategy is to help users easily find, click, and download your app through the available store. You will need to focus on keyword and conversion rate optimization.

The three main factors that affect search and app download are:
  • The number of downloads
  • The rating or user reviews
  • Number of comments on the listing

Promote the App on Your Website

This is especially vital for NFT collections. This is because people don't want to see a no-name collection. They want to learn about what this collection is about, how it was designed, its purpose, etc. Only engaging stories can attract people to your collection if you want them to buy tokens.

The best thing about it is that you don't always need a website. Just create a landing page with no-code platforms, fill it with keywords, hire a copywriter to describe your idea in an engaging way, and that's all.

Partner with Influencers

This step will give you a huge competitive advantage as celebrities, professional sports players, and influencers will quickly attract people to your idea. However, it is vital to choose your influencer wisely, depending on the type of assets you are going to sell.

Create Email Marketing Campaigns

This option is best for those who have already got a base of subscribers who know the company. Here email marketing can become a great option for existing users to download your product. If you do not have a base yet, it won't be a large issue to create it when your team develops a product.

Consider Social Media

Social media is probably the best way today to show your product to people. However, it is best to create all social media channels and pack them with all valuable information in advance. So when the product is ready, people will already know what it is going to be about and how to use it. While the social media channel you choose depends on the assets you create or product you build, here is the list of channels you can consider now:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

PR Options

If you have raised a round, launched a new product, or something cool happened with your product. You will probably need Journalists to announce it? Get our free base of 4k journalists within just a few clicks.

Go to Big Media

Last but not least, the option when you build a no-code NFT marketplace is big media. This is an excellent chance to attract people's attention to your product and overcome market giants who have already established themselves in the industry. Since it will probably be costly, you will need investments.

How to Reach Investors with a No-Code App?

Angel Investors
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Angel investors represent high-net-worth people who have the money, connections, resources, and background to help companies grow and develop. If you are lucky enough to get an angel investor on board, he will attract new ones, so the rest will not matter for you. However, you should know that angel investors also wait for high returns from their money so that they will affect the changes you will make and actions you will make to promote your product.

Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists are best for those who have already established themselves in the no-code industry. It is not so great for startups, but still a way to go. It is worth noting that venture capitalists won't invest their own money but that of investors. This is usually done by establishing a fund that can be used for others to purchase shares in a company.

Venture capitalists usually invest much larger amount of money than angel investors, even millions of dollars. However, as with the first option, there will be high expectations in terms of return on investment. Venture capitalists also have their own share in the business and will influence the company to make sure you succeed.
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Try Crowdfunding Platforms to Find Investors

A crowdfunding platform is a place that helps various companies to obtain funds online. This is done through a website that focuses on the specific type of funding that you need. Below you will see a list of the most popular platforms today:
Reward-Based Crowdfunding
Here businesses ask for a relatively small amount of money to support their idea and get a return of some type from their investments. This is an excellent option for startups to get money. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the two most popular ones today.
Donation-Based Crowdfunding
If you have a startup that will bring some meaning to the world, this might be an option for you. This is a place where various people and investors invest small amounts of money in several projects and do not wait for something in return. GoFundMe is one of these popular platforms.
Peer-to-Peer Lending
(or Debt-Based Crowdfunding)
Peer-to-peer businesses provide loans by connecting those who need money with investors. The business owner will need to fill out a specific form, and the peer-to-peer lending facility offers a credit score to investors. Then they decide whether they will invest money or not. In this space, investors will wait for their money back every month plus interest. However, they won't affect the business process or have a voice.
If you want to craft a no-code NFT collection generator or NFT marketplace, book a free consultation with us. Let's discuss your idea, craft a roadmap, and calculate accurate costs and a timeline we can commit to!
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