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5 Growth Hack Strategies to Scale Your B2B SaaS

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B2B SAAS companies have only two options: grow or die, no in-between. With this in mind, founders and marketing teams are always on the lookout for new ways to attract audiences and convert them into users. 

With our experience growing monthly recurring revenue at WeLoveNoCode from 0 to over $150,000 in just 18 months, we share some strategies we have implemented powered by no-code tools. We believe that if you apply them, you will discover ways to tap into new audiences and take your B2B SaaS to the next level. Read to the end for a bonus strategy that most SaaS never use.

Now, let’s get into it.

Create a library of content

You may ask, how will content help you grow your userbase? Aggressively sharing content can help boost your visibility across different platforms. You can take advantage of Garry Vee’s strategy–Take long-form content and repurpose it for other platforms like videos for YouTube, graphics for Instagram Infographics, etc. With this strategy, you can showcase your B2B SaaS to the world and rank for keywords relevant to your product. 

Make sure you segment your content into the different marketing funnels; awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage.

Here’s how you can get started with content:

  • Create content that showcases how your product can be used to fulfill a goal. This can be in form of How-to guides. For example, we shared a comprehensive guide on how to use the no-code tool, Airtable.

  • Enlighten new users on problems your product is tackling. For instance, in our case, we know entrepreneurs want to build MVP fast but the traditional method of building software can be quite slow. So we shared an article on 15 no-code tools to build an MVP within a week.

  • Offer advice on best practices for specific requirements that your audience has.

  • Highlight success stories from customers who have used your product to solve their problems.

Launch your product on ProductHunt

If you haven’t taken advantage of ProductHunt, then you’re missing out on early adopters who are ready to explore new products. ProductHunt is a platform that enables people to launch and discover new products. It works by a voting system. The more people upvote your product, the more popular it becomes and goes up the list. With this, more people can discover your product. Products like Coolors got many users because of their popularity on ProductHunt. Likewise, WeLoveNoCode got early traction when we became the Product of the Day on ProductHunt.

You can also promote smaller useful products like we did to get sign-ups. These signups can be converted to your main product with remarketing.

Here are some best practices you should consider when launching your B2B SaaS on ProductHunt

  • Although there’s no magic time to post, try posting during the best hours to get more eyeballs to your product. Most users say the time is 12:01 AM PT but do your research.

  • Use the right keyword to optimize your listing copy. People who are searching for solutions similar to your offering may find your product while searching.

  • Find hunters. Hunters are people who have successfully launched products that have become popular on ProductHunt.They usually have a considerable following. But even if you can’t work with one, use catchy images to encourage them to upvote your product.

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Contribute to a large community relevant to your B2B SaaS Company

Communities are built for sharing knowledge and helping people. As someone who’s an expert in your industry, you can join popular communities and participate. You can quickly become an authority. People are way more likely to use products recommended by authority figures of an industry.

More than 70% of communities believe that online communities improve brand exposure, awareness, and credibility.

Many brands build their own communities; however, you can take advantage of communities on Reddit, Facebook groups, Quora, LinkedIn, and many more if you don’t have the capacity. For example, our founder Nik shared a viral post on Reddit about growing MRR to $100k and raising $1m in seed funding.

Here are ways to build your credibility in online communities:

  • Find communities on Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn relevant to your product offering.

  • Comment on posts, and answer questions in detail.

  • Share valuable and helpful information without asking for anything in return. 

Integrate your B2B SaaS product with compatible platforms

Integrating your product with other platforms will boost your user base and improve your user experience. For example, let's say your product is a no-code review management software. You can integrate this with email marketing software so that users can collect reviews with their email marketing campaigns. 

B2B SaaS products are most successful when they are integrated with products their customers use already. With this method, you can have your product enabled by customers from a partner audience without having them go through the user funnel. This can be a massive boost to your SaaS.

Leverage the power of LinkedIn

With 627 professionals actively using LinkedIn monthly, if there’s any platform you should invest time in, it should be LinkedIn. It’s an effective channel for B2B SaaS companies to market their brands and build their online presence. Today, LinkedIn makes up about 50% of all traffic that goes to B2B websites, meaning that your effort will not go to waste. 

Here are ways your SaaS can harness LinkedIn:

  • Share valuable content on your page and have your team members share it with their network. 

  • Use the right hashtags to improve the visibility of your posts.

  • Try different formats like video, images, long-text, etc., and find the one that works for you. 

  • Identify trending posts and comment on them using your company’s page. 

Here’s a bonus strategy that most SaaS businesses overlook. This strategy will stand you out of the crowd. 

Build Smaller useful tools with no code and share

You can leverage the power of no-code development and build apps, websites, and tools that your audience may find helpful. Building and sharing free tools will help you get leads that you can remarket to with your main product. Also, customers who have found your small no-code tool useful have a higher chance of converting.

You can build tools in a month with no code and share in communities where you’re active. You can also work with expert no-code developers from WeLoveNoCode to get your product ready in a week or two. If you want to explore this option which saves you time and cost, you can schedule a free call with our experts. We can also share ideas on tools your audience may find helpful.

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We hope these strategies help you discover intelligent ways to attract new audiences and boost exposure for your B2B SaaS company. If you focus on growth-oriented marketing, you will unlock strategies to tap into new audiences and convert them to users.