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How to Build Chatbots with No-Code | Our Step-by-Step Guide

How to Build It
We all use chatbots on a daily basis. They help us in various ways from booking an appointment to getting food delivered to our doors. In addition, chatbots are widely used by airlines so we can find the best flights, grab a taxi, or talk to customer support when we want to learn something. Even though you don't always notice the chatbots in our lives,  they have already established themselves in the market and work as our personal handy assistants.

However, users are not the only ones who reap benefits of chatbots in their everyday lives. Businesses and companies can significantly benefit from artificial intelligence. This is because brands found out that chatbots can become a fresh and seamless way to boost communication with their customers. 

According to Statista, the global chatbot market is suggested to reach 454.8 million U.S. dollars in revenue, compared to 40.9 million dollars in 2018. So if you are one of those who want to enter the global digital transformation and engage customers with chatbots, our guide hopes to show you a step-by-step guide on chatbot development with no-code.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots represent a software program that communicates with users without third parties and using voice or text messages. The key feature that stands behind all chatbots is that they perform by utilizing  the power of natural language processing (NLP). This is why the interaction they offer usually looks like talking to real people. Chatbots are placed inside various products, like applications, websites, or messengers. And they are really used for numerous purposes from booking a flight till getting medicine advice according to your symptoms.

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What are Types of Chatbots?

Even though there are 6 types of chatbots, below we are going to describe only two main ones. They are most popular in the market in 2022.

Rule-based or Scripted Chatbots

These chatbots are made based on certain rules only under which they will be able to perform services. This type of chatbot usually works relying on the keywords in a user inquiry, which allows it to respond accordingly. They can also suggest customers pre-made questions or answering options. In case the message from the user does not contain any keywords, rule-based chatbots won't be able to perform as they can’t understand what to answer and how to lead the conversation further.

AI-Based Chatbots

Chatbots made using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are more independent than previous ones. This is because they don't need any keywords to rely on. Therefore, they will be able to understand any conversion regarding questions and context. However, their conversational abilities always depend on the topic they have been trained on. Nevertheless, chatbots with AI can be easily upgraded and trained to understand new topics, questions, and quickly improve conversation.

Why Make a Chatbot?

Now we know what a chatbot is and how it works, but why do you need a chatbot for your company? And there are two wholesome reasons you can consider to craft a chatbot. These include the popularity of digital conversation without any resources and the continuing rise of messaging platforms.

You know that messaging is currently the best way for people to talk. It is easier, quicker and available on the go. Based on the Statista report, messaging platforms have experienced a significant rise for 5 years, where WhatsApp was the most famous messenger in the world. To be more specific, it has 1.5 billion monthly active users (MAU) in October 2018 compared to 465 back in 2014. Facebook took the  is ranked second, having surged from 200 million MAU in 2014 to 1.3 billion in 2017. That’s significant growth, isn't it?

In addition, brands and companies are always looking for better ways to communicate with their customers and provide better customer support. And the popularity of this form of messaging became an ultimate choice for most organizations today.  Since people found out they can easily chat with their favorite brands like with friends, the popularity of this form of conversation between both sides only seems to grow. So businesses who were able to enter the market at the needed time now can reach a wider target audience, boost retention rates, improve customer feedback and get vital insights. And now you can still enter the market and reap benefits of your no-code chatbot development!

Must-Have Chatbot Features

Below you will see the most vital features you need to include into your chatbot to offer users a basic functionality:

  • Integration with a CRM: Any no-code chatbot has to handle real-time conversations with real users, collect information, as well as properly organize it. This data can later be used by your team to identify new clients and connect with old ones more easily.

  • Natural language processing: When you craft AI chatbots, you need to ensure the software can easily understand topics and questions that customers provide. In addition, NLP helps chatbots to become more emotional and even detect feelings of customers.

  • Cross-platform usage: A high-quality chatbot has to work on all platforms, whether it will be a mobile device or desktop. This is the best way to provide the best user experience and ensure satisfaction.

  • One main purpose: It is vital to choose the key purpose when developing chatbots, as you don't want to mix everything and do not offer users a clear picture. If your chatbot understands its main purpose and what it should offer users, you will ultimately get the top-notch product.

  • Understandable UX and UI: Since a chatbot isn’t the main element of a website, it shouldn’t be too fancy. A simple dialog window with several buttons won’t distract a user from the main purpose - conversation with a chatbot.

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Chatbot Development from Scratch

Choose a Platform

When you came up with the concept and found out  where you want your chatbot to appear, you will need to decide on a service provider. This is probably the most vital step in chatbot development. 

A specialized no-code chatbot platform allows you to easily build chatbot using a convenient drag-and-drop interface. Therefore, they are easier and less time consuming than any regular development. Since choosing the right tool for your chatbot development can be tricky without relevant experience, it is best to hire a trusted no-code team at this stage.

Design the Chatbot

The way you will design the chatbot depends on the chosen server. In overall, most of these no-code platforms allow you to use templates for easier and quicker design. But you can also design the chabot from scratch.

You can also pack the platform with triggers for every action the chatbot should take. Design is essential for chatbot development. This is because 70% of success will depend on the engaging yet simple design.

Test the Chatbot

When the platform is chosen and design is done, it is time to test how chatbot works. It is usually done by an experienced team who knows minor points of testing. But you can also do it by yourself. Check if everything works in the proper way and the way you expected. Some platforms allow you to click the “Test It” button.  

Train your Chatbot

If you crafted an AI chatbot that will understand human emotions and questions, the next stage is to train your chatbot. If you would love your chatbot to understand human emotions and conversation, this step is vital. What is more, this stage allows your chatbot to understand your future user's intent.

Training a chatbot is a tricky process that requires time. you need to simulate the real-life conversation that is going to happen. Before that you need to learn users behavior and predict questions that they may want to ask. 

Collect Feedback from Test Group

When the chatbot is done, send it to your test group. They will provide you with feedback regarding the work of your chatbot. The feedback is essential as it will help you understand what you need to improve with your chatbot and what to fix before launching it. Let your chatbot conduct surveys and ask first users how you can improve its effectiveness and their satisfaction. 

Bottom line

Building a chatbot is the great way to gain revenu, connect with your users, boost customer’s loyalty and more. Even though a few years ago it was a challenging and long process, now you can build a chatbot within the week and launch it within minutes. By hiring a no-code chatbot development company, you can easily enter this field with your efficient chatbot. This article shows the guide on no-code chatbot development with no-code benefits for business.

Need help with chatbot development? We can help. We'll build any chatbot you need with a high speed and under $10k. Book a free call to talk about your project!