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Build your MVP
Without using code in 2 hours
Видеозаписи + проверка ДЗ. Начало курса: каждый понедельник.
Free Workshop
Наш курс — это возможность получить перспективную специальность и уже через месяц начать зарабатывать из дома.
We will create an MVP in real time, discuss why development without code is the future and show you how to create an MVP without spending a lot of time and money.
November 5
What will we discuss during the workshop?

We will chose an MVP and build it live during this 2 hour workshop, using no code!
All of this can be done without code, and we'll show you how to do it in real time!
Будущее разработки продуктов – не разработчики, а мы с вами. Обычные люди, у которых есть идея, есть видение, есть желание создавать крутые проекты.

Нам больше не нужны телефонисты, чтобы звонить, и операторы, чтобы вызвать такси. Нам не нужны и разработчики, чтобы сделать следующий Twitter, Uber или Airbnb. Теперь это все доступно с помощью инструментов визуального программирования.

И речь идет далеко не о Tilda и даже не о Webflow, чтобы за полчаса делать простые лендинги (такие как этот). И даже не о простых прототипах с кликабельными кнопками.

Уже через одну или две недели у вас может быть полнофункциональный маркетплейс, социальная сеть, SaaS или любой другой продукт со сложной логикой, админ-панелью и разными типами аккаунтов. Бесплатно или за абсолютно смешные деньги.

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Want to create a marketplace?
Or maybe your own CRM system?
Or an app for the AppStore / Google Play?
Who Is This For?
For startups
You want to create an MVP and test your idea in practice, not just in words.
Benefits for you:
The ability to implement your ideas in the shortest possible time.
You don't need to spend a lot of money on developers.
For designers
Who want to create turnkey projects of any complexity
Benefits for you:
You will be able to offer the client the creation of full-fledged and fully functional projects
Increase your average check
For marketers
Who want to test hypotheses quickly and assess risks
Benefits for you:
Get an opportunity to understand which hypothesis works
Reduce your budget spend
For businessmen
Learn how to create an application for an existing business and update your website to earn more
Benefits for you:
You will understand how processes work from "within".
You will be able to quickly adapt to current realities and changes.
For startups
Who want to create an MVP and test your idea in practice, not in words.
For designers
Want to create turnkey projects of any complexity
For marketers
Want to test hypotheses quickly and assess risks
For entrepreneurs
Find out how to make an app for your existing business and update your website to earn more
Main topics of the webinar:
Creating your MVP
During this live broadcast, we will build one of the MVPs you share with us during registration
Myths and reality of No Code development
Will NoCode work for landing pages? Is it safe? Will it handle the load? It's safe? Can I secure investment for these kind of projects?

Secrets of rapid development
Let's share secrets and life hacks for a quick product launch
NoCode tools
You will learn about the most effective tools for building great products for a 1/10th of the time and money required for traditional development
Nikita Shevchenko
Start-up founder, NoCode-Developer, co-founder of WeLoveNoCode
Nikita completed the acceleration program's of the top 3 accelerators in the world (500 Startups). Founded in the past by with 10+ thousand users.
During his career, he has spent over $ 200,000 working with traditional developers.
After that, he discovered NoCode and, together with the WeLoveNocode team, build over 30 no code projects without codes of varying complexity, from marketplaces to CRM systems for a total of $ 150,000.

What will you learn during the workshop?
How to create

Goods without code and in the shortest possible time

How to earn

About creating complex web applications with unlimited functionality

How to create No Code Landing pages
Create No Code Landing pages, apps, and chats In the shorter time possible
How to grow
Faster than competitors and than you expected from your project
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November 5