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An Award-Winning Marketplace
by WeLoveNoCode

CASE STUDY: 2 months from idea to launch →

To create a convenient, fast and reliable marketplace with a complex logic of financial settlements between freelancers and customers.


Use only no-code technologies to ensure the ability to quickly change the product according to the feedback from early customers.


We used our expertise in the development of marketplaces on the platform, integrated with the Stripe payment gateway, as well as integration with social networks and other necessary platforms.


Just two months after the start of the project, the marketplace was handed over to our customer and began to serve its first happy clients. The high quality of the project was noted by professionals and the project received the Bubble App of the Day award.

We work according to an agile methodology.
This ensures that your product is developed as quickly as possible while still giving you the flexibility to add new product requirements during development. The HonedHub project was no exception, the development was carried out as efficiently as possible, and the project was ready for launch in just two months.

In general, we use a 9 steps process, which allows us to build an app and publish its mobile version on AppStore and Google Play.
The HonedHub project was missing steps #7-#9 as it is a web-based app, but we are sure that those steps will be taken after the product gets its first significant success on the web.
Comprehensive flows
It's easy to make an app when you have all flow prototypes ready. But in 90% of cases, building up flows is one of the most time-consuming and responsible tasks in the whole development process.
The HonedHub's financial/invoicing model is almost as complex as the one used by Upwork. The experienced developer of WeLoveNocode left no room for errors and bugs.
20 plugins were installed and tested, including:
Email validator
Stripe payments
Chat / Message
Air Date / Time picker and others.
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Customers review WeLoveNoCode
  • Garry Lee
    Co-Founder, Thirty Three Percent

    I really like what these guys are producing. It's great to see how fast no-code is developing and this proposition is one of the best ways of maximizing this smart way of working


  • Frédéric Lambrechts
    Co-founder, CBDO at Osimis
    I think any company, who needs to use a no-code stack should use WeLoveNocode. Whatever job I would be doing in product management I would be using your services

  • Hafeez Shah
    Co-Founder at Matterzoo
    At first, I was a bit scared to commit, I was thinking are you for real or not. I gave you guys a try and so far I'm happy with what I get. Alex is doing a good job. WeLoveNoCode developers have hundreds of hours of experience, I'm happy with what I get."

  • Micheaux Spencer
    Serial entrepreneur,
    Founder of booking app
    I’m impressed with WeLoveNocode
    developers. They have a vision, are very quick, understand what I need on the fly, and recommend smart changes to the product

  • Harish Harchandani
    Partner at Veracious
    This team deserves to get my kudos! My experience with WeLoveNoCode was great. The no-code developer was attentive and patient. He was very responsive to the deadlines we set together and despite the heavy workload and delivered on time.

  • Dosymzhan Begaidarov
    President of AIESEC
    I am very happy with the results and
    productive mutual work we passed through. I was really surprised by the results of the WeloveNoCode team. Thanks!