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How WeLoveNoCode helped Greater Studios to build 3 projects and earn profits

CASE STUDY: 2 weeks from idea to MVP
How WeLoveNoCode helps agencies
“I trust you guys, you give me a confidence that you do quality talent vetting”
Michael Carychao
Founder of Greater Studio (Agency)

Michael, the owner of Greater Studios, a digital agency, was in need of assistance with several ongoing projects. These projects were essential for the success of the agency and required careful attention to detail and efficient time management. Michael was seeking for a cost-effective solution to help alleviate some of the workload and ensure that all projects are completed on time and to the highest standard.


To address Michael's need for additional support with his agency's projects, we paired him with Ksenia and Alexandr, experienced professionals in Together, they were able to successfully complete the "Dream Lounge," "Cocreator," and "Shinobi" projects, allowing Michael to focus on other important tasks and ensuring that all projects were delivered to a high standard. By providing Michael with the assistance he needed, we were able to help him alleviate his workload and maintain the success of Greater Studios.

It cost Michael only $1999/month to work with no-code talent.


By working with Ksenia and Alexandr, Michael was able to complete the initial version of the "Dream Lounge," "Cocreator," and "Shinobi" projects in just two weeks, significantly reducing the time required for these projects. The client was extremely satisfied with the work, rating it 5 out of 5. Additionally, the assistance provided by Ksenia and Alexandr resulted in a total of 2874 hours saved for the client, allowing him to focus on other important tasks and increasing his productivity. Overall, the use of Ksenia's and Alexandr's expertise was extremely beneficial for Michael and Greater Studios, resulting in improved efficiency and satisfaction.
Meet the team that helped Michael
  • Alexandr
    Bubble Developer
    Alexandr is a middle no-code developer specializing in Bubble and Webflow.
  • Ksenia
    Bubble Expert
    I have been in the IT field for more than 5 years and have experience in java, javascript, HTML, and css. I have been in no-code development for the last few years, working on a variety of interesting projects
It’s so nice to write the specs and have someone build it
Michael Carychao
Founder of Greater Studio
  • 2 weeks to build an MVP
  • Amazing 5/5 experience
  • 2874 hours saved
  • 3 successfully delivered projects

Projects built:
  • Shinobi
  • Dream Lounge
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What others say:
  • Garry Lee
    Co-Founder, Thirty Three Percent

    I really like what these guys are producing. It's great to see how fast no-code is developing and this proposition is one of the best ways of maximizing this smart way of working


  • Frédéric Lambrechts
    Co-founder, CBDO at Osimis
    I think any company, who needs to use a no-code stack should use WeLoveNocode. Whatever job I would be doing in product management I would be using your services

  • Hafeez Shah
    Co-Founder at Matterzoo
    At first, I was a bit scared to commit, I was thinking are you for real or not. I gave you guys a try and so far I'm happy with what I get. Alex is doing a good job. WeLoveNoCode developers have hundreds of hours of experience, I'm happy with what I get."

  • Micheaux Spencer
    Serial entrepreneur,
    Founder of booking app
    I’m impressed with WeLoveNocode
    developers. They have a vision, are very quick, understand what I need on the fly, and recommend smart changes to the product

  • Harish Harchandani
    Partner at Veracious
    This team deserves to get my kudos! My experience with WeLoveNoCode was great. The no-code developer was attentive and patient. He was very responsive to the deadlines we set together and despite the heavy workload and delivered on time.

  • Dosymzhan Begaidarov
    President of AIESEC
    I am very happy with the results and
    productive mutual work we passed through. I was really surprised by the results of the WeloveNoCode team. Thanks!