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WeLoveNocode Raised Investments from Nicholas Davidov and Snapchat Directors

WeLoveNoCode Updates
"Venture capitalists Nicholas Davidov (Gagarin Capital) and brothers Daniel and David Liberman  invested in WeLoveNoCode – a service of developing websites and applications without code. 

The founder of the project Nikita Shevchenko informed about this fact, and the deal was also confirmed by Nicholas Davidov. This is a SAFE format deal (Simple Agreement for Future Equity that allows attracting funding without a bunch of corporate procedures). The valuation cap in this format makes $5 million. A valuation cap is the maximum company valuation for an early investor at the next stage of financing.

Nikolas Davidov told that he invested in this project because he believes that the NoСode market will grow very quickly. And WeLoveNoCode is well-positioned to become its leader. The project has a great team, strong editors, and the revenue growth proves it" –

We are happy to report that our growth is accompanied by the trust and support of the true giants of the IT business. The support of such reliable partners gives us tremendous motivation for new results and achievements. NoCode is much more than just an industry for us. It has become an integral part of our lives and we will continue to develop this direction because we truly believe that the future is in it. 

How we are going to manage the investments

The investment will be used to strengthen the sales and marketing department by hiring new outstanding specialists. WeLoveNocode has announced three new positions: Head of Sales, Head of Marketing and Head of Recruitment.

Our plans for the future

The demand for NoCode development is growing every day: more and more companies are seeking to reduce the cost of product development without compromising its quality. It is dozens of times cheaper and faster than traditional development. 

Our mission is to actively develop NoCode and implement this approach in companies. The company plans to reach $1 million MRR during this year.

It is a well-known fact that NoCode makes development more affordable. We are convinced that the current situation is not the limit, so we strive to develop this market every day and make development even more affordable. 

Our main goal is to make the world better, and our main tool is NoCode.