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WeLoveNoCode Teams Up with Backendless to Provide No-Code Tools

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WeLoveNoCode is delighted to announce that today it has begun a brand new partnership with Backendless, the visual app development platform. 

This new partnership means the WeLoveNoCode users have access to the large collection of tools available within Backendless, ranging from real-time databases through to a visual schema modeller. 

At WeLoveNoCode we are committed to ensuring our users have the best possible options available to them for every app development project and this partnership ensures we have over 100 different NoCode tools available to our users.

“This continues our commitment at WeLoveNoCode to working with the best platforms in the NoCode marketplace and giving our amazing users the most varied and highest quality options available”
Nikita Shevchenko

Bringing Choice To Our Users

This partnership was born out of both businesses wanting to help continue the NoCode revolution that has seen thousands of businesses around the world grow on the back of platforms that are now accessible to more than just hardcore developers. 

WeLoveNoCode was built to provide founders and owners around the world with the best platforms to build applications at speed and for us to do that, we need to be partnering with the best possible NoCode platforms and Backendless certainly fits into that camp.

They will help give our users more options than ever, allowing them to pick the right tool for the right project, ensuring fast and cost-effective development for everyone.

For Backendless, they are now exposed to one of the largest and most vibrant communities of NoCoders in the world, allowing them to grow and meet a whole new group of users.

Benefiting New and Existing Users

Backendless has the complete toolset for building full web and mobile applications without code. Alongside an intuitive UI builder, they provide access to a real-time database, user management console and significantly, over 125 APIs.

This is going to enable the users of WeLoveNoCode access to almost limitless functionality to build the best applications with their codeless development system. 

When combined with over 100 other NoCode platforms available to the WeLoveNoCode developers, this means our users have the best choice available to build the companies that are changing development forever.

By making their tools available to the WeLoveNoCode community, Backendless will be able to continue to grow, continually evolving its tool. Their existing users will benefit hugely from the new features and improvements this partnership will enable Backendless to develop.

It’s the type of exposure that helps platforms like Backendless to grow faster and interact with a whole new range of amazing founders and developers, with feedback that will evolve its offering for everyone.

What Are You Waiting For?

For all of our existing users, Backendless is available immediately as a service to anyone signed up to WeLoveNoCode, so log in today and see what all the fuss is about and find out how Backendless can help your business.

If you haven’t yet signed up to WeLoveNoCode, where have you been! Now is the perfect time as this unique new partnership makes the services available to our users better than ever before, so sign up today and start enjoying the benefits thousands of others have been experiencing.