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The WeLoveNoCode success story continues as we look for investors in a new funding round

WeLoveNoCode Updates
WeLoveNoCode is delighted to announce its next round of investment is now open after the huge success of the most recent funding and the progress made since. We are now seeking investment to take us to the next stage in the companies fast moving journey.

A NoCode approach makes development more cost effective and it is our mission to ensure this is possible for everyone in the future. We have built an automated platform that selects contractors for a monthly subscription, where you can quickly test hypotheses and create new products using NoCode development.

Recent Successes

In May we were pleased to announce investment from industry heavyweights Nicholas Davidov (Gagarin Capital) and brothers Daniel and David Liberman (Snapchat, SpaceX) to help introduce crucial roles for the growth of the business in sales and marketing, which have been successfully filled. 

We are also delighted to announce two great additions. Brent Haldiman has a strong background in sales and has built businesses over $1M MRR during his career. Likewise, Constantine Geo has come on board as a Growth strategist, having delivered outstanding results in the SaaS, DaaS and high-tech sectors (Peerplays, Sama).

These new hires have positioned WeLoveNoCode to continue its aggressive growth strategy, which now leads us to open our first office in the US, where we are looking to continue the NoCode movement. The management team have already received visas to move to the US and will be starting the new office in August.

Future Growth

The NoCode market is growing fast, with Gartner predicting that low-code and nocode development will account for 65% of all application development activity by 2024, whilst Forrester is saying the market will top $21Bn by 2022 and one of the heroes of the industry, the design app Canva, now valued at over $3Bn.

The new funding round has a couple of clear aims:

•      Building world class sales and marketing teams in the US
•      Putting in place an infrastructure and office in the US ready to launch across the country

These will put us in a position to scale at pace, as we are already on schedule to exceed our revenue target of $1M MRR before starting in the US.

We are therefore looking to attract investors with a good network in the US and preferably SaaS services already in their portfolio. If you are ready to join one of the most exciting start-ups entering the US market, then please get in touch.