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Top 5 Industries that Can Benefit From Using No-Code

The no-code movement is not only a buzzword in the modern world. This term covers a vast range of benefits for a broad range of industries that can now benefit from using these solutions. No-code represents a brand-new tech innovation that allows almost anyone to create their own application with no hassle and wasting a bunch of money. Being highly responsible, cost-effective, and accessible, the no-code revolution is leading the development field by lowering the barrier to entering the digital space. 

Before no-code became popular, companies were forced to hire developers for even the smallest tasks. While regular development still exists and brings its own values for some, no-code is the ultimate choice for startups, MVPs, landing pages, and more things that are highly vital. No-code works by allowing experts to build enterprise-grade application software through graphical user interfaces (GUIs) instead of writing code.

According to Statista, 70 percent of respondents from a global survey admit that they use Retool as a low/no-code platform for internal apps. Zapier, Airtable, and Google AppSheet are also on the list and are popular as well. It is becoming clear that no-code tools will only gain popularity in the development space and even become the first option for most companies. For instance, Forbes also called no-code the most disruptive trend. Even though some industries have already used no-code for their projects, others are still not aware of what possibilities these tools may bring.

Let's find out 5 top industries that can benefit from using no-code over traditional coding with our guide. But first things first, why choose no-code for the development?

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Benefits of the No-Code Approach

Immense Cost Savings

On paper, the estimation of building a potent software looks pretty optimistic. But in reality, it is not only highly expensive but also challenging to find high-quality developers. Everyone wants to get a top-notch application without spending a bunch of money. And this is where no-code comes into the picture. Let's take as an example the fact that hiring a full-time engineer can cost your company upwards of $28,584. In contrast, the whole no-code app development project will cost up to $10k. The choice is on you!


Speaking simply, the question of higher operational efficiency is mostly about reducing time on the development and saving it for more vital things. This is one of the biggest pros of no-code software. According to a recent study, both no and low-code platforms can cut 50%-90% of the development process time when compared to regular coding. So you won't need to wait for months and years to finally get your product. Instead, you and your team will have more energy and time to complete vital tasks.

Boost Customer Experience

The modern audience is highly picky. Therefore, any issues appearing from your side will make consumers leave your application. This is because there are many tech innovations, and people want to see only understandable, simple, and high-quality solutions they can easily use. In short, they're constantly chasing perfection, and a customer experience that falls short more often than not is a huge turn-off. 

This is why one of the most vital benefits of no-code app development is simplicity and efficiency. These platforms have been shown to empower companies to craft various complex applications in an easy manner, quick, and more efficiently. This is a highly beneficial bonus on the consumer's side, allowing you to gain users' loyalty.

Faster Time-to-Market

As we mentioned above, regular development requires months and years to enter the market. However, now is the best time to reap the benefits of all tech advertisements, like no-code. The market is overflowing with applications for almost any industry. Therefore, it is vital more than ever to enter the industry as soon as possible. 

Companies don't just need efficient solutions; they also require a competitive advantage by being faster than all the rest. No-code platforms allow companies to launch their product within weeks or a few weeks, making it better for anyone looking to quickly gain investments and customers and establish themselves on the market.

Innovate at Scale

It is impossible to mention the benefits of no-code without talking about its innovations. Just imagine how the developing world can move forward when companies have a chance to build innovative apps swiftly and flexibly. Organizations will also hit growth targets, open new business opportunities, expand to new markets, or finish complex projects. Now, this can become a reality with the no-code revolution.

Want to digitalize the way you work with no-code? We can cover your needs. We'll develop a high-quality solution for any industry with a high speed and under $10k. Book a free call to discuss your idea! 

What Industries can Benefit From the No-Code Revolution?

Here are 5 of the industries that seem to benefit the most from the no-code revolution. Below you will also find tips for how your company in each industry can continue working successfully with no-code platforms.


Online shopping has always been in demand. Even if it was highly convenient for years, after 2020, this became an essential option for most people.

After many years of improving services, the retail industry faced lots of challenges during COVID-19. Moreover, many of the retail companies that first failed during the pandemic were retail giants who highly relied on their brick-and-mortar appeal. And the reason is obvious. Businesses were unable and unprepared to adopt new technologies. As a result, they quickly lost the loyalty and engagement of their pre-existing customers.

By using no-code tools, retail companies can smooth the transition from "convenient customer storefront" to "convenient customer front end." No-code platforms make it quicker and easier than ever before. Providing customer-centric digital storefronts and progressive web apps (PWA) that are convenient and hassle-free to use will surely boost the industry. This also has been shown to become the best way to recover after the pandemic and stay in demand for the long term.


NFT is absolutely a buzzword today. This space has experienced immense growth during the last year and doesn't seem to stop. More and more people are trying to sell their NFT collections. While some companies want to sell their NFT marketplaces, others create NFT collections to gain revenue.

And the key thing in any successful NFT drop is marketing. Even though it might not seem obvious, it is essential to promote your NFT collection before the drop. As a result, companies need a landing page that will be the first place people explore the story behind the collection. The website is crucial, allowing future buyers to learn more about your idea and even schedule the presale for them.

You can build websites with regular coding. But the cost is high, and you will be able to get it only within a few months. No-code tools allow you to craft an efficient and engaging landing page for your NFT collection within one week! So the quicker you get the website, the quicker you will be able to start the launch. 


Like many other legacy industries, insurance has long been in the shadow of tech innovations and wasn't able to reach the competitive edge in the market. But the immense popularity of various new technologies and demand for more convenient solutions made it possible for the insurance domain to craft its own applications in a friendly and hassle-free manner. The pandemic also brought its impact on the growth of this industry and forced organizations to look for fresh solutions. And no-code tools played a vital role in moving this industry forward during its challenging times.

By allowing previously slow-moving companies, like insurance organizations, to work with the speed of modern startups, no-code platforms provide legacy insurance companies to develop high-tech solutions. This gives them much needed competitive edge and stays in demand in times of market turbulence. 

Since modern consumers tend toward convenience and look for a seamless digital user experience, insurance companies can significantly benefit from using no-code tools. Customers' expectations now can be easily met and satisfied by hiring a no-code app development company and do not waste money on long regular coding.

And looking forward, no-code will allow insurance organizations to spend more time on improving their services rather than on satisfying customers' needs in the digital space. This also leads to higher customer retention, boosts ROI, and overall business success in the long term.

Banking & Fintech 

Banking is another industry that can reap the benefits of modern no-code solutions. Like the insurance industry, banking and fintech constantly face issues with the rise of new tech innovations and cannot always move with this market's speed. And for many valuable reasons, no-code development tools show immense power to change this habit and support the industry today.

You may have noticed that most banks developed their mobile applications. This is because today's users require more than just good credit opportunities to still use services. As more and more banks are trying to manage the working overflow, most of them aren't able to really produce quality products while applying the best ideas at the same time.

Mobile banking applications have already established their way into the industry. They have significantly changed the way people use banking services today. However, in the digital era where remote functionality is essential, no-code platforms allow financial organizations to build, maintain and change their applications with an immense speed. This helps meet high customer needs in a short timeline and keeps customers engaged.

Healthcare & Medicine

Finally, these are probably the most beneficial spheres for no-code app development. The COVID-19 breakdown brought significant change into this industry and completely refreshed the way organizations work, especially in the fields like telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. Since health systems are still harnessing tech to boost the working process, reduce manual work and improve their services, no-code platforms can provide brand-new solutions to the most common issues organizations face throughout the process of healthcare and treatment.

We all know that in days of pandemic and lockdown, people were unable to visit the hospitals as they did before. This became an urgent problem worldwide and forced healthcare providers to find new ways of taking care of patients. This is how mHealth, telemedicine, and booking applications appeared.

Booking appointments, chatting with the doctor online, having online visits, and allowing patients to check their health records via phone make it easier for both sides to operate. And even in days of the pandemic, it was the only option; now, it has become a must-have for all clinics.
And no-code tools are the simplest and most cost-effective way for healthcare organizations to develop their solutions and stay in demand. By offering various applications, they now can offer user-friendly virtual visits, saving time for employees and patients as well as significantly eliminating manual work. 

Since no-code platforms can easily turn high-level back-end data functionality into an easily accessible tool, it makes it quicker for healthcare companies to enter patient data securely and easily. This, in turn, improves the overall quality of services they offer and allows them to track illnesses and find treatments at a higher speed.

Final Thoughts

With the rise of popularity, no-code tools are becoming not only an option for most companies. By bringing fresh solutions, cost reduction, speed, and higher functionality, they have established themselves in most industries. However, other domains are still waiting for their own no-code revolution. Here we covered what industries can or have already benefited from choosing no-code over traditional coding and why. 

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