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No Code Tech Stack For a Subscription Business

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If you've got a great idea for your new SaaS product, then you are at the right place. The idea is here, but what's with the tech stack? You may have already considered the coding stack, which is more expensive and longer than new no-code solutions. Being highly popular in the SaaS space, no-code is growing every day and offers various options for any business. It may help you build anything from apps to websites and social media products. 

This is especially valuable for those companies without a technical co-founder or developer onboard. Whether you need an MVP or a complete product, no-code is the happy medium for all your ideas. We curated this guide to help you easily find what tool suits you best. But let's first discuss why to choose no-code over coding and how it can benefit your business.

Why choose No-code for SaaS?

SaaS teams are always overloaded. Starting from conceptualization to post-launch, there are always a lot of bug fixes, changes, new designs, and features to change and add. And it truly never seems to end. This is because the main goal is to keep your product evolving consistently to cater to all users' needs. SaaS products should also always stay at a good pace of market growth, allowing companies to stay in demand and compete in a challenging market.

Therefore, it is always a hard task for most SaaS teams, especially startups and small ones. But there is a wide range of tools and services that can help these common issues. One of the best ways for SaaS teams to stay efficient is to use no-code, and for a good reason. This reduces stress, costs, and time and allows companies to focus on your business while keeping the speed and value they bring. Here are the most obvious benefits of choosing no-code tools for SaaS today:

Save Time on Coding and Leverage Expertise

It is a regular practice that SaaS companies do not have a huge team of developers in-house. In addition, most startups have to spend lots of money on coding. This is because they believe it is essential for business growth. But it is always better to work smart rather than hard. 
This is where no-code comes into the picture. Most solutions allow teams to focus on business and new ideas rather than spending time developing more and more features as the product grows. While you spend time on coding, you allow other companies to overcome your product in a short timeline. No-code tools help reduce resources and time needed. This also gives space for growing your business and focusing on more vital things.

Significantly Reduce Costs

Just imagine the costs spent on the development. It is a bunch of money in most cases. You also pay for the design, which is vital. What if we say that it is not an essential point? No-code development is much cheaper than coding. This is because no-code tools require a subscription and usually not too much experience. You can even create the product by yourself. But if you hire no-code developers, you will also pay less than with engineers. So you can start your development as soon as you have an idea. Do not waste time and money on things you don't need.

Get Help with Maintenance and Launch

As we mentioned before - SaaS products always need to grow. Due to constant changes and redesigns, it is best to have support for maintenance. Most no-code tools offer various subscription plans. They can help you with most things from development to launch. You can also update any feature you want and keep it bug-free without taking time from your team. This is also highly beneficial in times when you don't have too much time. For example, when presenting your product to investors.

Allow Your Team to Focus on Feature Velocity

Since no-code is easy to manage and change, your marketing team will have more time for growth. By leveraging the task to a specialized team, you can continue to add on the features the sales and marketing team needs. This helps to add value to your product and reduces stress on mixing all tasks. Make any improvements needed and scale your product much faster to meet the industry's and customer's needs.

Ease Workflows and Connect With Products

There is a huge benefit of using no-code - they significantly ease the working process for the sales and marketing team. It is a common practice that connecting SaaS and other products takes too much time. This is where various no-code tools allow you to quickly connect your app with other products within a few clicks. This also saves you time and resources needed previously. For instance, tools like IFTTT, Workato, and Elastic.io are perfect for this purpose. 

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Tech Stack for Subscription Business

Now you know that no-code is the best choice for you. But there are numerous tools for any purpose. Let's take a look at what you can consider for your project:

LeadPages - Landing Pages

LeadPages is now the leading no-code tool for creating landing pages and websites. The tool works using a drag and drop builder. It can help you to generate leads and sales through email, web, text messages as well as social media channels. The tool provides numerous mobile responsive landing page templates and allows you to create your own from scratch. 
While you can save the final product with no hassle, LeadPages can also add opt-in forms to your pages. This also helps integrate them with most of the popular email marketing services like MailChimp and AWeber. In addition, the tools offer built-in A/B testing, allowing your team to test and optimize various landing pages.

QuickMVP - MVPs

QuickMVP offers various services for your business. You can also use it to create landing pages for your company or request feedback from future users. However, most commonly, it is used to create MVPs. This is especially vital for startups that require to show their minimum product to investors or potential customers. 

QuickMVP tool helps understand business concepts such as profit margins and market opportunities. Some SaaS teams use it to perform interviews with alpha/beta testers. This scores their feedback and allows for better development of the product's road map or performing A/B tests of various site versions to manage audience response. If you want to estimate the viability of your business potential before spending too much, the QuickMVP no-code tool is the way to go.

Webflow - Websites

Okay, you have an idea and need only a website. Why spend time and money on developers if Webflow exists? It is one of the best no-code tools to build an efficient website. It offers various services and helps you create dynamic yet responsive websites with no line of coding. With this tool, you can get initial designs in days, even not weeks. The tool is also user-friendly and allows users to add changes with ease. This moves the final product closer to launch while also decreasing the time between team approval and version iterations.

In addition, Webflow helps you publish the website in a few minutes via their global infrastructure that supports high traffic. The tool is also packed with a smart content management system to help your business. Webflow is an excellent choice and is used by several market giants such as Adobe and Intuit.

Weld.io - Websites

Weld.io allows you to use various kinds of drag and drop elements that you can easily use to design your website without any coding. It also allows users to toggle between mobile and desktop versions to check how it looks on different devices. The tool is also packed with pre-built templates for Landing pages, stores, or events to help you. 

It is a great alternative to Webflow. Even though most use existing templates, you can also create your custom solution from scratch. The interface is simple to use and clean, making the developing process hassle-free. Weld.io helps you publish your website within minutes. You can add new objects to websites like contact forms, Google Maps, and even an efficient eCommerce store.

Bubble.io - Web Applications

If you want to build a SaaS application, you will need high functionality. You'll also probably want customers to have a chance to register for a new account. This may include entering a credit card, signup for a paid plan, managing information in a database, and more. And may also probably want to offer unique functionality in your app that may help your customers solve a specific problem. The Bubble is an excellent choice for most features and services as it lets you craft web and mobile apps without coding.

Any web or SaaS app made with Bubble is highly mobile responsive. They will look great on both tablet and mobile devices. The Bubble is packed with many integrations so you can send emails, offer card payments, connect to APIs, set up a database, etc. The Bubble can become a potent no-code tool to create your SaaS MVP app.

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Configure.IT - Applications

While Bubble doesn't offer you to build native apps, Configure.IT is a great choice for this purpose. It can help you craft iPhone and Android apps at the same time. It also works on a drag and drop technology to help you create your mobile app. Configure.IT offers a range of existing templates or allows you to craft your own design.

When the design is ready, you will have a chance to integrate the back end with a database to keep the data. And when the MVP is ready, you can review how it looks on different mobile devices. The tool also provides you with features to deploy your iOS and Android app.

GameSalad - Game MVP

Almost all game apps have specific requirements. There are also a lot of hassle and challenges in building a video game. Some things you will have to consider are graphics, gameplay, characters, sounds, game items, and more. Luckily, the GameSalad is the perfect no-code tool, especially for this purpose.

The app allows users to craft games without coding. It is packed with a drag and drop interface. All you have to do is to choose graphics from the exciting library and put them anywhere in the game. Or you can also import your own images. Then there is a more complex development process, but the interface is user-friendly. Once the game is ready, GameSalad allows you to launch the final product on multiple platforms. 

Teachable - Online Courses

If your SaaS business relates to online courses, then this tool is for you. The tool allows users to build their own online courses platform as an MVP and then optimize it for any mobile device. Teachable provides various added features, like creating quizzes, discussion forums, gathering feedback, and more.

In addition to making online courses, Teachable helps to craft your own blog. Therefore, the entire platform will be hosted on your domain. In addition, the tool offers a wide dashboard. This allows you to see points such as lecture completion rates by the student, revenue data, etc.

ManyChat - ChatBot

Finally, one of the most popular products for SaaS is a chatbot. ManyChat helps you to craft a Facebook-like Messenger Bot to grow your business without any line of code required. The app has a visual interface, making it easier for beginners to craft their own applications. Once everything is done, you will be able to invite new users, share your content, schedule posts, broadcast your RSS feed, and even more things.

Bottom Line

It can take too much time, money, and resources to craft an MVP for a SaaS product with engineers. Fortunately, there are many no-code tools that offer you various services without coding. You can craft your app, website, landing page, game, and chatbot using them. This saves time and allows businesses to focus on more vital things. This guide will help you find what tool fits you best and show why you should use no-code. 

Need help with building MVP with no-code? We can help. We'll craft your MVP live with a high speed and under $10k. Book a free consultation call to chat about your requirements!