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Can I Build Mobile Apps with Bubble | Android, iOS & Hybrid?

How to Build It
Since the very first day, Bubble has never stopped improving its functionality. It is the most well-known no-code platform today. It is used for various purposes and continues to provide the best services to users. 

Today, Bubble is a full-stack platform used for both small and large software projects. However, not everyone can be done with this product. Therefore, some things need to be clarified. Let's break down what you can build with Bubble and how.

What is Bubble and Its Main Features?

A Bubble is a perfect option for building functional websites, internal tools, and web apps. It offers speed, efficiency, and simplicity. The Bubble has been developed especially for web apps. It can't be used for everything so far. Though it still provides many opportunities for developers. It allows users the following services:

  • A WYSIWYG page designer and style editor
  • A visual workflow editor to add events and actions
  • A database hosted in the AWS cloud
  • Automatic capacity scaling as the app grows

What Can You Build with a Bubble?

While Bubble is still working on features it provides, today, developers can build:

  1. Marketplace App. Bubble allows you to build massive multi-user marketplaces with various aspects of your product that users want. 
  2. Social network. You can craft a social networking platform. It may focus on sharing pictures, video content, and other media types. The Bubble is considered the best no-code tool for building social apps. 
  3. Job board. A Bubble is a great tool for creating a custom job board. It can be filled with different exciting features that employees and companies will find useful.
  4. Food delivery service. Bubble helps developers deploy their private meal-delivery service. It will allow you to get a high-functional food delivery app for people ordering food from a restaurant.

These are the main products built with Bubble io. However, there are other options that you can see here.  

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What Types of Apps Can I Build with Bubble?

Bubble io is mostly used for web apps. However, it may allow users to craft mobile apps. Let's learn what types of apps Bubble supports and what you can build with this tool.

Android and iOS

While Bubble does not allow you to craft native apps, it still provides features to optimize the mobile experience on your web app.  

  • Responsive editor: You can easily adjust how the content will appear on devices of various sizes
  • Mobile version: Choose a page instead of the current design. It will be displayed to the user on any mobile device
  • iOS Appearance: Customize the overall appearance of the Bubble app for iOS devices (iPad and iPhone)
  • Hide elements and animations: Make sure users get a smooth experience with these features
  • Ionic elements: Integrate these elements. They are made specifically for mobile devices.

You can't build native Android or iOS applications just using Bubble. But, you can easily turn your web app into a mobile app. Bubble provides additional tips on crafting a native app for a mobile experience. You can crack Bubble mobile development by providing Progressive Web App. 

Do you want to create a unique mobile app with BubbleBook a free consultation, and we will tell you how to do it! We are a leader of no-code development with 15k+ experts ready to build your app with no-code power.

Better known as PWAs, they bring native app features via the web. The main reason for their popularity is their mechanism of work. PWAs behaves almost like a native app on any device. They also have the following benefits:

  • They are quickly installable. Users can open them on Android mobile devices with one click. PWAs save on the cost of developing native apps for both Android and iOS. 
  • PWAs allow you to update and maintain apps manually. There is no need to update the application through an app store.
  • PWAs are much smaller in size compared to native apps. So users will easily add them to their home screen, where the size of the application is minimal. This also reduces the waiting time to start using PWAs.
  • PWAs are excellent for SEO. They also bring more independence from marketplaces stores (risk of ban, fees for in-app payments, and more).

How Can I Build an App with Bubble?

As we mentioned earlier – Bubble is focused only on building web apps. While you can still make your mobile app's back-end on Bubble, you'll require several outside resources to create a full app for app stores. The "outside resources" mean the following two options:

  1. Rebuild the app's front end and turn your Bubble app into an API. It will function as the back end of your mobile app.
  2. Convert an exciting Bubble web app into a mobile product using a native "wrapper."

Rebuilding a Bubble App as a Native Mobile App

It is the hardest option out of the two. You will need to rebuild all features and functionality of the Bubble app from scratch by writing native code. But you can also use Dropsource as a special tool for this purpose". The first option is expensive and takes months. But in both cases, it is challenging to recreate the whole web Bubble app entirely.

Convert a Bubble App to iOS and Android Apps

Experts believe that this is the simplest and most efficient option. It doesn't require you to pay a bunch of money, and it can be done quickly. In addition, you will get almost the same product by 'wrapping' what you already have. It can be a perfect option as an MVP and help you launch the product within a few months. Check the best wrapper on the market, MobiLoud Canvas. 

Bottom Line

The Bubble is a top-notch no-code tool for many purposes. It doesn't allow users to build native apps for iOS and Android. But you can craft any type of web app and then convert it into a needed mobile product. Here we discuss how exactly this can be achieved and the best ways for your market success. 

Do you want to create a unique mobile app with Bubble? Book a free consultation, and we will tell you how to do it! We are a leader of no-code development with 15k+ experts ready to build your app with no-code power.