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What Does No-Code Mean and Why is It Useful? Simple Guide for Business Owners

How to Build It
If you are wondering what is no-code and how it can help your business, this guide is for you. No-code is the new software development approach, which requires no programming or developing skills to build amazing products. It helps business owners create mobile apps, web apps, websites, landing pages, marketplaces, MVP, and basically all products with the help of no-code tools and platforms.

By using no-code functionality business owners can speed up product development and decrease costs on releasing the products. Let’s talk about no-code in under 5 min, briefly covering all important aspects.

How Does No-Code Work?

The main purpose of the no-code is to enable rapid software delivery, taking a visual approach to software development. Technically, the no-code approach works via no-code platforms. Those platforms use visual drag and drop interfaces to create functionality, where you just move blocks around the screen and make your product in real life. The visual drag-and-drop interface is usually very simple to use and all the app logic is happening in the background.

No-code platforms come in a variety of forms, but all share the common goal of allowing anyone to build applications without needing to learn to code.

What Can Be Built With No-Code?

You can build all the same apps without code, as you would build them with custom code development. Among products business owners could consider building with no-code are:
No-code is suitable for

  • Online shop & eCommerce project to sell anything you want
  • Company websites which could be one-page landing pages or hundreds page project
  • Personal & company blog with articles
  • Corporative CRM system for the sales team
  • Hiring platform, education, or team onboarding app
  • Trading platform or marketplace
  • Money tracking, budgeting, or online banking app
  • Community app or even a social network
  • Any type of MVPs (learn more how to build MVP without code)

As you see, no-code is as powerful as code development and can allow building high-technical solutions. One example of a technical product built without code is our own platform to hire no-code developers, called WeLoveNoCode. We built it purely on Bubble and it has 17 000 no-code experts who work via it!

What Are The Opportunities Of No-Code Tools?

No-сode comes with a series of major benefits that are unfathomably resourceful.

  1. User-friendliness. It means that no-code is suitable for both beginner users and professionals. 
  2. Productivity. With the power of no-code, you can enhance your productivity and speed up the development process.
  3. Cost-effectiveness. No-code enables you to reduce your cost efforts decrease losses. 
  4. Time-management. With this method, you can quickly adjust the features set and improve your startup.
  5. Multiposness. Coded ready-made templates limit you with customization options. On the contrary, no-code tools enable you to build the project you need. 

But, when building a startup when no-code, you can face some challenges. They include a lack of user interface knowledge, security risks, and limited customization options. Make all your ideas live with WeLoveNoCode. Professional no-code developers will help build any startup fast and affordable. Book a free consultation call and get the best solution today!