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Outsourcing App Development | Whys and Hows

We all see how the digital world changes. More and more businesses go online, developing software that will support their business during the market turbulence, increase revenue, reduce human errors and boost retention rates. As a result, the development market also offers a vast range of options for any business looking for quick and cost-efficient app development.

Whether you are a startup, small business, large enterprise, or just get fundraising for your investigating idea, you will probably need a team you can trust to take care of your application or web service. However, this large number of options can also be overwhelming for most businesses. We made this guide to help you learn more about types of app development and why outsourcing app development is the best option for most cases.

What is Outsourcing?

One of the key qualities of a CEO is effective delegation. In essence, this is what outsourcing work offers, except you give tasks to developers, designers, and outside of your core team. 
Outsourcing is defined as an agreement in which one business hires a development agency or one developer that will be responsible for a planned or existing activity that could be done internally, while sometimes also involving transferring employees and assets from one company to another. To put it simply, you pay another more experienced company in exchange for a product or service. 

Outsourcing is the best option for any company that may not be able to develop an app on its own. In addition, those small businesses who don't have enough time or get investments that want to quickly enter the market also choose outsourcing. Let's explore what other types of work exist in the development market.

Freelance, Outsource & In-House

Even though there are other models, below we will discuss the most common ones:


When you need a developer, designer, QA specialist, or copywriter for a quick task, you can consider freelance. However, freelancers are well-known for delays, poor quality, and sometimes even fraud. This is because they usually take more than one job at once, meaning that they won't put all their effort into your project. 

In-House Team

The in-house model means that you create your own team that will develop products for you. It is a go-to option for large enterprises that always need support, maintenance, adding new features, and so on. However, in-house team creation is a costly process that also requires years and an HR department.


Outsourcing is the best way for small, medium, and large businesses who need app and web development. Outsourcing always provides a guarantee of quality and accurate timelines because they sign a contract and work only on your project. In addition, it is quicker, cheaper, and faster compared to all previous models.

If you are looking for a trusted outsourcing team for your project, book a free consultation with us. Let's discuss your idea, create a roadmap, and calculate accurate costs and a timeline we can commit to!

Why Choose Outsourcing?

Below you will see X top reasons why you should outsource your mobile and web app development project.

1. It's Practical

Outsourcing has been shown to be the most practical way to go when it comes to short-term projects. Let's say that you need to develop an app that will connect users with grocery stores and restaurants. Whether you have your team or you need one, outsourcing is the way to go. This will help you to give your exciting team time to finish more valuable tasks or save money instead of hiring all people to create your in-house team.

Short-term projects always require speed, cost-efficiency, and quality. This is why outsourcing can save you time and resources. Outsourcing allows you to hire either one or several developers who can quickly finish your project without any business disruption. This also gives you enough time to market your product and create connections with partners.

2. Helps Save Money

Regardless of what company you run and what type of investment you get, you won't like the idea of wasting all your budget on some short-term project. Outsourcing can help businesses keep a tighter rein on their money, making sure they stick to your project resource budget with no stress.

Outsourcing is the best solution in terms of cost-effectiveness. If you provide clear guidelines to your outsourcing team, they will be able to easily develop the product with minimum to fewer fixings or issues. Outsourcing also reduces the costs of managing your teams and the money you use on operating costs. This way, outsourcing helps you increase total profits saving extra money and time to invest in another vertical of your business.  

In addition, you don't need to offer the office or equipment to the outsourcing team. This is because remote work is used by almost any outsourcing agency, so you also save money you could spend in different conditions.

3. Boosts Operational Efficiency

Reports show that outsourcing your software development project can help you boost the overall operational efficiency of your business processes. This is because you delegate the short-term work, allowing your key team to work on their valuable and usual tasks while you improve your business processes. 

It has also been shown that outsourcing your project can reduce the time needed for the development and launch. While from in-house team creation to launch can take up to 2 or 3 years, outsourcing teams can finish your project within months or one year on complex occasions.

4. Wider Talent Pool & Unique Skills

Some projects are easier and require only basic knowledge from the team. But in more complex cases, you may need a unique skill set, like no-code developers who can even faster finish your product. This is where outsourcing is designed to help companies choose the best specialists according to their unique tasks and requirements. 

In addition, outsourcing is remote. This means you do not need to look for specialists located only in your company. Practice shows that most qualified developers are located in Europe, so if you are in the US, you can consider Europe outsourcing agencies. They are usually also cheaper than US-based ones.

5. Work as a Consulting Service As Well

Companies or single experts that provide outsourcing services usually work in a niche industry. This is because their expertise is highly specified, and they can help businesses open up new opportunities for growth and development. With the concentrated and unique knowledge they have, these experts can also work as valuable consultants for your business to help you achieve better results and improve sales and organizational goals. 

Such services can guide you on your project journey by offering valuable knowledge, in-depth research, insights, data, and UX and UI suggestions to develop a mobile app that is innovative. Even though they won't tell you how to build the whole business, some experts can also assist in marketing and help you understand what the next step should be. For example, when you develop an NFT drop.

6. Makes Your Project More Focused

You and your core team will be busy with developing business plans, marketing campaigns, organizing networks, solving financial questions, and so on. If you want to achieve market success, you will need to have peace of mind that every member of the team knows what to do and in what way. So leaving your app or web development to the outsourcing team can be the best solution for you. 

Having an expert working on your project solely will make the overall process more focused, efficient, and quicker. With the support from the specialist side, your project will also have a competitive advantage in the market. 

What to Consider Choosing an Outsource Team?

1. The Resources and Technology

Technology and resources are two key factors that will determine how your outsourcing team works and the quality of work. They are especially essential if you want to develop specific products, like the NFT marketplace or healthcare applications. The approach will also play a crucial role. Ask the team about their core technologies and explain your idea to help them suggest what they can offer to you, depending on your industry.

2. The Ability To Meet Deadlines

We all know that time is essential when talking about entering the market. This is why you should always check how the company follows timelines and how much time they need to finish the app you want. For example, if a vendor is well-recognized for always failing deadlines, you should avoid this vendor. This can be checked through the company's reviews and previous work.

3. Trustworthiness

Before you decide which provider to choose, we recommend you to google information about the company and also check reviews on trusted pages. The company that gets attention is known as trusted on the market. You can also speak to the CEO of the agency to check whether he or she will be able to spend 10 minutes explaining their overall process. 

4. Who'll Lead The Team

You can't trust the outsourcing team blindly, even if you save lots of money when hiring them. This is why we advise you to learn everything you can about this team, including the team members responsible for your app development. You should especially check the person who will lead the team to understand values. 

5. Communication

How the company communicates with you and helps you stay informed plays an essential role. This is especially vital for startups who don't know about development, as they will require more time to understand it. You don't want the company to leave you for months during the development. This is why check reviews pay attention to the communication skills of the team you hire.

Final Thoughts

All businesses now know the importance of digital presence. This is why development companies offer a vast range of options for software development. Having its own pros and cons, outsourcing is still the best and most appealing model for developing apps or web products. Here we describe this model in detail and show you why and how you can choose the best outsourcing development team for your next project.

If you are looking for a trusted outsourcing team for your project, book a free consultation with us. Let's discuss your idea, create a roadmap, and calculate accurate costs and a timeline we can commit to!