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Startups Built with No Code: Real-life Examples

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The time has gone when companies have to wait for developers to make their websites, build their products and showcase their offerings.

Now it becomes much easy to make a website, release MVP, or test a product offering with the power of no-code. Yes, you heard it right. Many companies use this technology to start their business, create their product from 0 to 1, and make a real profit in the market. In fact, building your business on no-code platforms is quicker, cheaper, and more predictable.

We know that it is hard to believe. So in this article, we will share the success of some companies who based their product on no-code technology.

1. Lambda School

In the era of virtual learning, Lambda School is progressing by leaps and bounds in providing value and raising funds for its venture.

The USP of this project is that they work on an Income Share Agreements (ISAs) Model, that does not ask for a tuition fee upfront. 

They created the platform with a combination of different tools like Typeform, Airtable, and Retool.

No Code is allowing people to revolutionize industries by allowing them to bring their ideas to reality very fast.

2. Jomor.Design

There is another startup in the market that is leaving their mark in the creative industry and is exploding with sales and conversions. "JOMOR.DESIGN" is an amazing app that uses the No Code movement as its base.

They are leveraging Webflow’s animation features to create remarkable designs for landing pages and other mockups.

They create fluidity in the webpage and help to develop highly interactive designs for creating high converting web pages.

3. Kollecto

When it comes to the shopping and e-commerce industry there is great competition but Kollecto as a startup web app always stands out. It is a platform to create, buy, collect, curate, and sell art.

The founder wanted to create a place for young artists to become entrepreneurs and be able to sell and showcase their art easily. 

This startup is built with No Code and offers a large number of complex functionalities within no time. 

4. Mmirror.io

This may be somewhat unorthodox but this is what startups are all about thinking outside the box. "Mmirror" is an amazing and rather interesting startup project that is built with No Code.

The best part is that it was created in a fraction of time because of the widely available ready-to-use functionalities users get using No Code. It provides people with services for doing A/B User testing for the project.

Moreover, This amazing project is gaining immense popularity with its responsive performance and remarkable outlook, all because of using no code. 

5. Comet

It is a marketplace for data and tech freelancers. In comet, they can meet their potential clients who need teams and engineers for their projects.

Comet is different from Malt and Upwork. Because in these platforms people have to search hundreds of profiles to select the right client.

It is built with Bubble which helps to create the apps without a single line of code. In 2017, for over 150 companies, comet complete more than 300 projects.

Also, in less than 3 years time span they help more than 1000 clients. So that they can start earning by working for the best clients. In addition, on their books, comet adds services for more than 1500 freelancers. Moreover, Comet’s turnover has increased from 0 to €600k a month. 

6. Makerpad

It is a platform that helps entrepreneurs increase their efficiency by learning no code. Makerpad is a vital source for small businesses. As it provides a proper guide on how to build anything without writing any code.

The team continuously works to keep the information updated. They share new tools, technologies, and video tutorials to use them efficiently. In addition, the community is super supportive. They are available 24/7 on the forums and help entrepreneurs by giving valuable advice.

7. Rebel Book Club

It is one of the interesting examples of a no-code project. As the name says, it is a book club that organizes meetups in different cities of the world.

This book club uses a monthly subscription model that generates almost $19,000 in revenue per month. This project was built using : 

  • GoCardless
  • Typeform
  • Stikingly

8. Lead Cookie

The other best no-code startup example is Lead Cookie. The basic theme of a lead cookie is similar to LinkedIn.

They provide high quality services and have generated a revenue of more than $40k in just 7 months.

Their main purpose is to keep their clients organized. For this reason, they use Airtable as one of their weapons of no-code.

9. Plato 

The platform where engineers and mentors of the world's biggest companies meet is Plato. To give valuable advice, they match applicants with mentors who are experienced in their fields.

They make their back office using Bubbles' no-code platform. In the back office, they have event-specific landing pages and a tracking system.

By using this tracking technology, they match engineers and teams with a suitable mentor. They try to provide better mentors to the team.

So that they can efficiently complete their projects and generate more revenue. In addition, Plato raised its funding by building an MVP on Bubble. Currently, the platform has $13 million funding from Y Combinator.

10. Qoins

The last in the list of no-code real companies is Qoins. It is a financial application that helps people with financial coaching.

Qoins help their customers pay off their debt in a short time. In addition, they provide extra services like daily roundups and payroll deduction on everyday purchases.

In 2018, Qoins raised a fund of $750k in an angel round of funding. And like many other platforms, it is made using Bubble.

Knowing those amazing examples, would you now consider no code for your own company?