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Why Outstaff is the Best Option for Quick App Development

Every business needs quality specialists. However, not everyone can find them, and has needed resources to recruit and maintain a large in-house team. This is why the outstaffing model has become so popular during the last few years. The lockdown pandemic has become the driven factor for choosing this model.  

The hiring and development approach highly depends on the needs and resources your business has. When you have the in-house team and need unique developers for the specialized product, outsfaf is the great option. Or when you need to launch your NFT collection and don't want to waste money on the recruitment department, outsfaf is the way to go.

In this article, we will showcast several key reasons why software development outstaff is much better than direct hiring and how to find an outstaffing agency with unique skills that suits your company’s goals best. 

What is Outstaffing? 

Oustaff is a type of remote employment when one company hires developers, designers and other tech experts to perform work or several unique funitions that the first company cannot do by itself. Outstaffing is a development model when one company works as an employer, meaning it is responsible for the wages, bonuses and equipment provided to the outstaffed employee.

This model, known as Extended Team Model or ETM, suits short-term and long-term projects alike. The client company may already have its own team of developers who should get reinforcement from new team members that work remotely supporting the company's processes. In this model the client always controls and regulates the entire working scope.

The outstaff specialist isn't a freelancer. The person is working for a contractor. This means, outstaffed employees are hired by an outstaffing company to develop a specific project. And these engineers are going to be full-time employees of the company  till the end of the project. 

Outstaffing model is highly popular among small and midsize businesses, where they have less than 100 employees. Here the extended team is used to help with the software development process, bringing unique skills and improving the quality of the company’s products.

If you are looking for a trusted outstaff team for your project, book a free consultation with us. Let's discuss your idea, choose the best developer for you and discuss all work details  and a timeline we can commit to!

Why is Outstaffing Better than Direct Hiring?

What is the key reason for a growing demand in outstaffing? Below we will show you X primarily reasons why do the market giants value this approach of ETM development approach:

  • Efficient response to your business unique needs and reduced time to hire. This means you wont need to create your own in-house team or waste your time on searching for the best candidate for the position, which ultimately allows you to get faster development and boost your business growth with the competitive advantage. There is also no problem if  you need to change the developer, find new skills, extend the tesam over time or change tasks during the development process.

  • Talents from all over the world. Regardless of your location, an outstaffing development model allows you to easily find new talents from every corner of the world. This is because they will work remotely and it will also help you to get both - higher-quality developers and reduced costs on hiring. 

  • No need to worry about local taxes. In most countries companies have to pay taxes for their employees and the cost can be really high for small businesses. When you hire an outstaff team or engineer alone, you save money that you can reinvest in valuable business processes.

  • No benefits or insurance. Every modern company that runs digital processes now offers a vast range of benefits for their employees that can cost a lot. This includes provided devices for work, paid sick leaves, health insurance and so on. When you hire oustaffers, you don't need to pay for all these benefits.

  • You don’t worry about personnel retention. If the specialist provided by the company doesn't suit you for several reasons or stops working on your project, you don't need to worry about any documents and questions that may appear. The outstaffing company will just provide another specialist depending on your requirement.

  • Less or no efforts for your HR department. If you have your exciting in-house team with the HR department, oustaff model is great as it allows your team to focus on more valuable tasks In addition, if you don't have the in-house team, you wont need to hire recruiters as an outstaff team will choose the best candidate according to your unique business needs.

  • Staffing flexibility. You don't need to waste time on scaling or reducing the number of engineers since the outsaff company will be responsible for handling all communication. The vendor will control over the whole tech team or individual developer and always stays informed about each step of the process and any changes. This includes regular calls, reviews, updates, discussions and so on.

  • No money is spent on educating and promoting engineers. By hiring an outstaff team your company gets access to the most qualified engineers on the market with the required skills, meaning you don't need to spend money on educating and promoting experts. 

  • Less commitment. If you are a startup or a small business, you wont like to rush with building in-house departments if you are not sure about the business outcomes and if you are not sure how to manage all these documents. Contacting an outstaff team is better and faster. This method will allow you to easily  validate the idea as a business manager can regulate the whole collaboration in case the project fails.

  • You don't need the in-house team. If you just get investment and want to know which option is best for you, you wont need to worry about hiring and creating the in-house team. This reduces stress, money and resources you will probably need to spend when creating the in-house team.

If you are looking for a trusted outstaff team for your project, book a free consultation with us. Let's discuss your idea, choose the best developer for you and discuss all work details  and a timeline we can commit to!

Possible Disadvantages of Outstaffing

We all know that each and every approach has its pros and cons. The key reasons why some businesses don't like an outstaff model are the following ones:

1. Possible communication issues. Sometimes poor quality outstaffing teams can cause issues in communication. In case when all contacts with the employee go through the outstaffing company, it may come with slowed down the speed of tasks.

2. Possible poor quality of work. Not every company has qualified engineers. This means you need to check the company’s experience to get enough trust.

3. Lack of motivation of outstaffers. This usually happens when the outstaff employees receive a fixed payment, so they might not be involved in the business branding life. However, it can be discussed.

4. Great responsibility. Even though the vendor is responsible for main tasks, you need to be also prepared to take on more responsibility. This is why it is best to have tech-savvy experts in your team to provide more effective management.

How to Find an Outstaffing Team?

Outstaffing model has many benefits. This method allows companies to quickly optimize business processes, reduce time to market, reduce tax and staff costs, while also solving the problem of attracting experienced professionals for both short-term and long-term projects.

However, you should choose the outstaffing vendor carefully. Even though there are many tips on choosing the vendor, the whole process is divided into three main stages:

  • Collect the information.

This stage is essential and requires you to collect all available information about the appealing vendor. Make a list of companies to offer engineers you need and check them one by one. Research reviews, pay attention to the recommendations of your colleges, friends and find trusted companies. We also recommend you to check the experience of the chosen company as it will show you whether the engineers have enough experience in the required field or not. If the company regularly works on a project, this usually means they are tryst-worthy.

  • Communication and work clarification.

Here you need to jump on a call with the chosen company. You need to ask all the questions that you want to, find how teams communicate, explore all details of your future cooperation, understand the key processes, how costs are defined and decide whether you are ready to make the contract. You should also verify that the company can offer you the required number of experts with needed skills. 

  • Validation.

Before you sign the contract, you need to check the information once again. If you can, visit the office of the company to check the atmosphere in it and how well engineers know their job.  

Final Thoughts

The WeLoveNoCode team has outstanding experience in both outstaffing and outsourcing. We provide tech-savvy experts in various industries, choosing the best candidate for you according to unique business goals. Book a call with our experts to find the best developer for you!

If you are looking for a trusted outstaff team for your project, book a free consultation with us. Let's discuss your idea, choose the best developer for you and discuss all work details  and a timeline we can commit to!